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Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It, Is To...

Your mission is to use practical, proven techniques that focus upon achieving your dreams using practical methods to overcome old, negative beliefs and behaviors. This frees you to experience life in an exciting, joyous way, allowing for your authentic, amazing you to come forth.

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As we discuss what your new mission will be, let’s first review the difference between hypnotherapy, life coaching and regular counseling. Most of you come to see me or talk by phone or share by email and have already done some form of therapy. Most have visited with a therapist or counselor and what you probably found was that counseling really dis help you to understand your issues. Counseling is for the conscious mind, the persona, the you that is reading this right now. It’s for you to understand how the past has created beliefs and behaviors within you that are affecting you right now, today, that lead to certain behaviors, thoughts and fears.

It's good to understand the issues but it doesn't always bring change or transformation. Many people come to me frustrated or confused because they thought therapy would release them from their issues. Not necessarily. When they have been through counseling and therapy, they now know their problems, they know their issues, but they haven’t been able to change them. To resolve them. To release the hold their issues have upon then.

At this point I always tell you something that seems very obvious but powerful, that you have simply been working with your conscious mind instead of your subconscious mind. Your issues, worries and fears that arise from your old programming reside in your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind your conscious mind. It is really good to use your conscious mind to understand what happened to you and how they currently affect your life, but you are not going to change them through conscious will power unless you first change the programming in your subconscious mind.

That’s where hypnotherapy comes in. Again, counseling to understand the issue, hypnotherapy to change the issue, and life coaching to now set individual goals and follow through with the action you now can take with a healthier subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy allows you to move into a healthier state of mind where we bring forth from within you your real, true authentic self. The beauty of this process is that you already have within you everything you need to be successful. You have all the resources, everything in you that you need to bring forth the healthier you. You just need to release what is holding you back.

When we access your subconscious mind, we now are at the level of awareness where the issues and problems reside. Now we create a healthier subconscious mind by absorbing positive beliefs and behaviors that resonate with healthier you. The real you. The “you” you were meant to be. You're going to find that as the true you comes forth you are able to release the deeper issues that once held you back.

We don’t want to go endlessly over the past. There's an old saying, “What you resist, persists.” If you keep focusing on the problem, you keep the problem going. When you understand the problem it’s time to let it go by focusing upon the solution, upon how you want to be instead. You don’t have to keep focusing on the pain, the wound. It will resolve as you release it. Yes, there will be times when you need to focus upon it, but only from a healthier state of mind where you can actually resolve it.

Now you move forward. That's what hypnotherapy helps you to do. When you relax physically and mentally your brain waves move down into Alpha and Theta brainwaves. Into that relaxed, open, receptive and suggestible state of mind like you were in those first 16 years growing up when you were like a sponge absorbing everything you experienced.

This is how you learned things as a child and into your early teenage years. You absorbed everything, both good and bad, and with hypnosis we move into those same brain waves where once again you are very open and suggestible. Now everything you hear is filling your positive subconscious mind with a new healthy beliefs and behaviors. Your goals it to become the person that you know you can become.

We call it your authentic self, for as your subconscious fills with these positive behaviors this part of you naturally comes forth. You think and feel different in a positive way, for the old, resistive, negative thoughts and feelings continue to fade away. My goal is to remove everything that's blocking you from being the healthier you. Now the old, negative subconscious programming that once interfered with your life fades away.

There's an old saying, “The content of your Consciousness is your Consciousness.” Whatever is going on inside your brain at this moment is who you are. I think of you as the conscious personality looking through the conditioning of your mind. Are looking through negativity or are you looking through a positive mindset? Remember your subconscious tells you what to think and feel, so if it's in a negativity state you are going to experience worry, anxiety and fear. The state of your subconscious determines in the moment whether you are going to enjoy a happy or sad life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let go of the negative focus. To focus instead on creating a positive life that flows from a healthy consciousness in the moment. From this place you will exude self-confidence, peace and energetically experience life in a new way. In this mindset you enjoy fulfillment.

First, we focus on counseling to understand the issue, then use hypnotherapy to resolve the issue and then employ life coaching to achieve a specific goal from a healthier subconscious mind. It’s time to move on and focus on what you want. When you have the opportunity to reflect upon these things consider how often the negative programming fills your mind with worries and concerns. You will see that in those moments you're not the person that you want to be.

I know you deserve better. I want you to be able to bring forth the healthiest you. When you experience life from this new, positive mindset with a healthier subconscious you will live the life you were meant to live.

That is a mission worth pursuing and achieving..

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