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Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias


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All of these common fears not only rob you of a happier, more fulfilling life, they also affect your relationships, career and health.  Use hypnosis to drive without fear, cross over bridges, fly without anxiety and speak easily and naturally.

These fears arise from negative or terrifying past experiences and begin to grow with strength in your subconscious mind as time passes becoming phobias and fears.  Clients come in and report that they haven't been driving on freeways in years, or that they avoid going over bridges, or have to be medicated to fly, and never, ever want to be put in a position where they have to speak in front of others!

What they may not realize is that the real fear now is about losing control.  About losing control of the car or the plane or in front of a group by having a panic attack.  The first symptoms might be sweating palms, pounding heart or tunnel vision. Difficulty with taking in a breath or being able to focus upon what others are saying.  It's as if something rises within you and pushes away all reason and self confidence.

So imagine the fear of this happening...

  • In an enclosed space like a plane? 

  • Or on a busy freeway? 

  • Or driving over a bridge? 

  • Or when everyone is looking at you?

At Greenwood Hypnotherapy we address all these issues.  Often you might discover that they all might be affecting you.  Whatever your own individual worries an fears, we want you to move beyond them to once again feel comfortable in those situations.

The intelligent, rational part of you knows that absolutely you can drive on a freeway or go over bridges.  Or fly in a plane and enjoy where it can take you. Or even talk in front of a group of people without worrying at all of how you might appear or how you might screw up.

Hypnosis for Fear of Public Speaking

I came to see David to help with my fear of public speaking.  I have always been nervous while speaking in front of groups.  After 3 sessions with David, I found my self confidence improving to the point where I was able to feel more comfortable with public speaking.  I did 2 more over a month's time and now I feel free from my fears.  I highly recommend David's services if you have a fear or phobia to overcome.  5.0 star rating

The key in every situation is your state of mind. 

  • If your mind is filled with doubt, worry and fear you will be afraid and fear will overcome you.

  • If your mind is filled with calm, confidence and happiness guess what?  You will be perfectly fine.

So your state of mind is everything.  With hypnotherapy we help you to anchor in new positive, healthy habits of success. Whichever state of mind is stronger is the one you follow.  We help you to naturally be in a relaxed, comfortable state of mind so that you can enjoy your life once again.

Are you ready?

Yes, it is possible to teach your mind once again how to move beyond your fears by filling your mind with new positive beliefs and behaviors about yourself and your ability.  Isn't it time to let go of these frustrating fears that overwhelm you and make you feel out of control?

Are you ready to release them and embrace the life you were meant to live?

Come in for a free, eliminate self sabotage consultation.  In this 30 minutes session we will:

  • Create a plan to achieve your healthy goals

  • Uncover why and what is holding you back

  • Realize you can create a healthier, more empowered state of mind

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