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Hypnosis for Transformation


Both the Emotional and Spiritual portions of the Transformational Program are the result of over 25 years of professional and personal development.  I have refined and created these programs based upon the work that I have undertaken throughout my lifetime.  Both involve two unique, distinct paths of endeavors which incorporate deeply transformational processes for success.

My own personal experience is that I have benefited tremendously from doing both processes.  I offer them as separate portions that have unique components including sessions, videos and experiential processes.

  •  Both of these programs are designed to be done at your own pace. 

  •  They are offered as individual modules which are sent to you when you are ready   for the next lesson

  •  Both programs include sessions that can be done at home or in my office.

  •  Those of you in the Arizona area may wish to come into the office for the personal   sessions

  •  Others might choose along with those living outside the area to do all the   sessions at home.

  •  You can finish either of these programs in as little as 3 or as many as 6 months

These are much more than Hypnosis Programs, although they do include some hypnosis sessions.  They are a complete approach that incorporates many positive supportive modalities including personal sessions, audios, videos, podcasts, exercises and more.

I do encourage each of you to either come in or call for your free 1/2 hour Eliminate Self Sabotage consultation to learn more about this program.


Click on the button to the left to arrange your free consultation

Emotional Transformation


Both the Emotional and Spiritual program use personal sessions, audios, videos, direct experience processes and more to help you achieve your goals.

The purpose of these programs is to transform your life from an emotional perspective.  To wake up each morning feeling a freedom that comes from a lightness of knowing that the worries, concerns and struggles of the day are diminished and can be resolved using the energy you now have.  This is so because you have released old, negative programming that once caused your subconscious mind to be filled with doubt and fear.

Once this occurs, you are able to face each new situation and encounter by responding rather than reacting to issues.  Imagine facing a challenge without the baggage of past behaviors and self doubt.  Imagine just knowing that you are equal to everyone and that no matter happens you are going to be okay.  No matter how difficult the challenge or overwhelming a person might be, with healthy new boundaries you stay calm, focused and positive.  You handle situations with just the right amount of assertiveness guided by a loving nature.  A benevolence that comes from knowing that others are triggered by their issues and really aren't in control of the situation or able to respond in an emotionally mature manner.

When you come from this place of wisdom it's like having new eyes and ears to see and hear things completely differently.  To be aware when others are triggered by a situation and come from a younger, childish place within.  You learn how people react through the haze of their own conditioning, yet you are not caught up in the same old dramas that once ruled your life.

The Emotional Transformation Program is designed to help you achieve this level of awareness.  For the only real control is not needing any control at all.  It's not about forcing or white knuckling your way through situations by having to keep yourself in check or exerting your will power.  Think of the freedom that comes when life is not an overwhelming issue anymore because your own personal issues have diminished and your have grown beyond them.


Imagine what its like to live life this way? 

To be able to help others from this new place of awareness. 


To really feel and be the person who no longer sweats the small stuff.  Who still has challenges but now has the tools to resolve them in the healthiest possible way.

This is what the Emotional Transformation Program offers you.

We do it by first discovering what is holding you back, resolving your issues, changing the way you relate to others, and transforming your daily life

By dialoguing with your inner parts, which represent the voice of your subconscious mind and are the key to healing and inner transformation.

Like the Spiritual Transformational Program, please come in or call for your free consultation so that you can learn more.  Here is a link to help with that.

These unique programs are also individualized to fit your own particular circumstances.  I want to make your program as significant as possible.

Spiritual Transformation


This program was created to help you to break through and become your real, true spiritual self that naturally embodies a life of joy, happiness and deep connection.  To me, the proof is waking up each morning and knowing that no matter what happens, who you are with, or what issues you currently are dealing with, that you still feel this powerful, loving connection with that Presence...God...Essence...Creator...that is ever-present both within and without.

These aren't just words or mental constructs.  What I am talking about is a deeply personal connection that is always there.  It's like seeing the forest and not getting lost in the trees.  Like feeling nested within a constantly real presence of support and love.  Creating a deep sense of transformation. 

I share with you my own personal journey and how this connection forever changed my life.  It is a personal experience that requires no ongoing intermediary to explain how you will feel or what you need to do.  I want you to connect deeply and personally with your own inner creative, spiritual self and let that be your constant guide and support.

I am merely pointing the way and will walk with you along your journey, but you have within you this ability that I simply help you to uncover.  It involves asking the right questions, learning what has held you back in the past, encountering your own inner guidance, discovering your link to that infinite wisdom. 

It is always a challenge to find the right words to express that deep inner connection, but that is what you will experience for yourself as we walk along like two old friends, serious about making deeply positive changes and finding a way untouched by the fears, negative beliefs and resistance from within.

This program is offered in the form of personal sessions, inner guidance audios, videos, exercises in direct experience, articles, discussions and much more.

We go on a journey to meet your inner guides, mystic realms and learn how to move into the present moment.

Again, the best way to learn more about the program is to call or go online to schedule your free consultation. If you wish to learn more, here is that link.

These unique programs are also individualized to fit your own particular circumstances.  I want to make your program as significant as possible.

These unique programs are also individualized to fit your own particular circumstances.  I want to make your program as significant as possible.


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My Story


So, how can I help you to live a happier, for amazing life? 

What do I know about living in the NOW?

There have been three defining moments in my life related to this awakening that all have meaning for you. 


The first was when I was 19 and I had my first experience with Now Consciousness.

The second was when I discovered how my subconscious programming had been sabotaging my emotional reality and my quest for spiritual growth.

And the third was when my inner resistance diminished to a point where my daily life began to transform as I connected more with the being in the present moment.

So, in the beginning, when I was 19 years old, one afternoon I was filled with an intense drive to understand the meaning of thought.  Because of this intense focus, I suddenly experienced a shift in awareness into Now  consciousness.  

Despite this amazing experience I was still a typical young man who mostly wanted to have fun and experience new things.  I was also starting my life in college which led to my first career as a geologist.  Thus began years of back and forth interest in enjoying life and also exploring deeper meaning.  Perhaps you have also had a meaningful experience that brought new awareness to your daily life.

Unlike Eckhard Tolle, who describes his own ego death, my ego fought hard for self preservation and over these years it would always win.   The difference was that Tolle had reached a point of utter despair and near suicidal thoughts.  Lacking this ego despair and surrender, I was not able to sustain that healthy state of expanded awareness.  


This created within me an intense inner conflict.  I began to realize that my ego, my subconscious mind, wanted nothing to do with that state of transformed awareness and that this part of me was terrified of relinquishing control to this unknown power.

I began to feel a deep sense of guilt and remorse, as if I had been offered an amazing gift yet had squandered it all away.  I had let down that Presence, the Ground of All Being.  Talk about the guilt, shame and failure of letting down a supreme authority figure!

Despite this inner turmoil, I did still have a few moments of oneness that brought with it feelings of intense joy and inner freedom, as well as a sense of some deep, pervasive loving presence.

Perhaps like you, this conflict led me to question why these wonderful experiences didn't fundamentally change my personality and eliminate my fears and inner resistance, for I still had my doubts, worries and screw-ups!

As I pursued this question, I discovered that uncovering and releasing instead of ignoring my emotional wounds (as my ego had me do all those years) helped me to discover a deeper sense of peace and joy.  This process of emotional growth led to freedom of spiritual transforation.


My 40 year journey of experiences, insights and understandings has helped me create a comprehensive approach for you to also discover how to also experience life in the moment beyond your ego's resistance. 


I know that when you have a healthier subconscious mind it opens up doorways into an expanded state of awareness that will guide and inspire you throughout the rest of your life. 


Call it what you will, that Inner Presence, the Stillness, Divine Guidance or Ground of all Being, it doesn't really matter.  Those are just words.  I want you to experience the joyous state that naturally occurs when you are living in the Now without that inner resistance. 

You don't have to be an Enlightened Being to enjoy living life in the moment.  It's okay to enjoy your daily life and still feel connected with that deeper sense of Presence. 

In his dialogues, Eckhard Tolle describes how a state of despair often facilitates this shift in awareness, but I feel that it is not necessary to have to suffer to connect with that Presence.  Yes, your subconscious programming will resist this change, but I want you to know that it is possible from where you are right now to change your life without that deep level of suffering.

My passion is to help free you from the bonds of your past conditioning so that now you embrace all the benefits of enjoying practical spirituality and live an extraordinary life.

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