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“You can use hypnosis to help you successfully pass the Bar Exam in both California and other states”

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Hypnosis helps to create a state of mind that is confident and self assured. 

As you study for the Bar Exam and take the test, you will experience that calm, focused and determined mind-set necessary for success.

Do you recognize any of these?

  • “I’m tired of worrying about the State Bar Exam…”

  • “I feel like my mind wanders during tests…”

  • “I try my best but just don’t do well enough…”

  • “I’m afraid that I might have to retake the Bar…”

  • “I can’t make any permanent plans until I pass theBar Exam“

Are you ready to successfully pass the State Bar Exam?

Perhaps you have similar worries and concerns.  Learn how hypnosis also boosts your focus and motivation while studying for the exam.

Please call or go online to schedule your free Pass the CA Bar Exam Hypnosis Consultation.  Just click on the button above to book yours.


I use my twenty years of experience to help you feel more confident during the Bar Exam by filling your subconscious mind with powerful and positive suggestions.


Other hypnosis programs rely upon positive suggestions, while our program is more complete since it also focuses upon:

1. Training your mind to feel more positive during the exam

2. Removing doubt and worry over past negative experiences

3. Focusing upon your successful moments that support your efforts

4. Releasing old self sabotaging thoughts, behaviors and actions

5. Believing and expecting successful future outcomes

Your plan also includes:

1. Learning how to remain motivated studying for the State Bar Exam
2. Learning how to overcome the critical voice within
3. Learning how to remain focused as you practice for the Exam
4. Learning how to relax during the exam and trusting in yourself


Want to hear a sample of the relaxation process?

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When you use hypnosis to help pass the Bar Exam its like discovering the key to:

  • Improving your focus and motivation to study

  • Improve your self confidence and inner trust

  • Improve your will power and desire to achieve success

  • Improve your ability to remain relaxed and at your best as you pass the Exam

The choice is yours.  You can either come in to our office for a free consultation to learn more about Passing the State Bar Exam with Hypnosis Sessions or talk by phone or Zoom at home. 


Hypnosis also helps you to create positive study habits and successful test taking abilities.

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How do you answer these three questions?

  1. Are you fully motivated to pass the Bar Exam?

  2. Do you know how self-sabotage is affecting you?

  3. Are you ready to be a success and pass the Exam?

When you follow the Program and Listen to the Motivation Hypnosis Audios

  • You Will Learn How Easy Yet Powerful Hypnosis is for Achieving Your Goals

  • You Will Learn What it Feels Like to have a Positive, Focused Mind.

  • You Will Learn the Secret to Overcoming that Chattering, Doubting Mind.


Passing the State Bar Exam with Hypnosis

What does it mean to use hypnosis to pass the State Bar Exam?  Can it really help you to study, retain and pass the test?

Hypnosis is like accelerated learning.  When you study from this state of mind you anchor deep into your subconscious mind all that you read, hear and learn.  One of the biggest issues with studying for the bar exam is not staying focused upon what you read so that it doesn’t go deep into your long term memory.

Hypnosis is like a dimmer switch and not like an on/off switch.  There are varying levels of hypnosis and its important to use them effectively when studying.  For example, if you go too deeply into hypnosis you won’t be focused enough to take in the new information.  If you don’t relax enough to even go into a light state of hypnosis your mind might be distracted with other thoughts.

A light state of hypnosis is typified by an eyes open, lightly relaxed state of mind and body.  Think of going to a movie, watching a television show or reading a novel.  All are done with eyes open and all are done in a light state of hypnosis.  Once you learn how to access this state all learning becomes very focused and solidly anchored with your memory.  This is where you want to study.  This is where you will anchor into your mind all the information necessary to pass the Bar Exam.

Hypnosis also helps you relax and release stress.  If you are worrying about the past and/or projecting your fears into the future, you aren’t focused in what is happening right now…you aren’t in the present moment.  think about it.  All  life occurs in the present moment.  It doesn’t happen in the past and it doesn’t happen in the future.  That is impossible.  Everything always happens in the now.  We can shift our focus away from the now if we choose.  Sometimes it is to our advantage to do so such as when you are planning a future event or reviewing a past example.  It becomes a problem when you choose to ignore the “now” by thinking negative thoughts or worrying about future “what ifs”, but soon you realize that this does no good whatsoever.  You know what to do, what to study, what needs to be done.  Study for the State Bar Exam while in the “now” and while in this state of mind the information is firmly established into that storage vault of your subconscious mind.

As the bar exam date approaches, it is essential to also remain in and trust in the present moment.  When you worry or hear let yourself become distracted by your critical inner voice you focus upon future worry or concern.  When you live in the now you transcend worry and concern and are focused upon what is happening right now.  So that right now, you learn how to stay relaxed and calm and right now, you learn how to feel confident and successful.  By the time the exam comes about, you find that you have shifted your thoughts and beliefs into a calm, confident state of living in the now to use it to your advantage.

In order to pass the State Bar Exam, you want to remain relaxed, calm and focused. The proper answers come to you as you easily access your inner wisdom and the information you have firmly anchored within your subconscious mind.  To begin, you start by taking in a few deep, relaxing breaths, calming, soothing breaths so that even in the most difficult situation and even around the most difficult people you stay calm, relaxed and peaceful.  Next use the techniques we teach you while under hypnosis such as anchoring and relaxation to successfully pass the exam.  When your mind is filled with positive thoughts and feelings, you relax and everything works out better.

Through all aspects of the Bar Exam, the multiple choice, the essays and the fact patterns, you stay calm, comfortable and confident.  Like the eye of the storm everything might swirl around you, but even if there is disruption or even if there are difficult questions you easily and naturally access that part of your mind that allows instant and precise access to the information you have studied.

Even though the State Bar Exam is a multi-day event, you discover how easy and natural it is to stay calm, relaxed and confident.  Using the techniques you learn under hypnosis, you access the successful part of your mind and bring forth the correct answers and ideas.  This is how to effectively use hypnosis to pass the Bar Exam.

To learn more, please schedule your free Consultation


Pass the Bar Exam with Hypnosis

Why would you use hypnosis to pass the Bar Exam?  Does it really improve focus, retention and test taking abilities?

Hypnosis helps you to learn at a faster and more efficient rate.  Studying in a light state of hypnosis establishes the information deep within your subconscious mind.   It is essential to stay focused while studying for the Bar Exam,  This focus helps you anchor deep within your subconscious mind’s long term memory all that you read, learn and study.

Many think that Hypnosis can be entered into like turning on a light switch.  In reality, there are many levels of hypnosis and it is more appropriately thought of as when you use a dimmer switch. These varying levels of hypnosis can be achieved when appropriate to help you to study and remember what you have learned.  If you go too deeply into hypnosis you simple fall asleep.  Hardly a good place to study from.  Or if you don’t focus and relax even slightly, your attention might wander and you won’t remember what you read.

What is most effective is a light state of hypnosis that is reached with your eyes open.  It’s like watching a television show or a movie or even reading a novel.  You do all of this with your eyes open yet still enter into a light state of hypnosis.  Our program teaches you how to effectively access this state and become focused and confident.  In this state of mind you should be studying and most efficiently anchor into your mind the information necessary to pass the Bar Exam.

Releasing stress and learning how to relax is another positive benefit of Hypnosis.  The problem comes when you begin to worry about past failures or project into the future possible failures.  The key is to bring your awareness into the present moment…into the “now”.  


When you realize that all living takes place in the present moment, it doesn’t happen in the past and it doesn’t happen in the future., then you begin to realize that it is most effective to focus on the “now”.  Everything that you do, everything that you say, everything that you experience happens in the now.  Yes, you have the ability to choose to think about the past or the future, but that rumination still occurs in the present moment.  You simply choose to use the present moment to think about something else.  This thinking takes you out of experiencing what is happening now.  Of course it is useful to plan for the future or to learn from the past, just realize that life is best lived in the now. 


So study for the Bar Exam, practice the Bar Exam and successfully pass the Bar Exam in the now, in the present moment, in that state of  mind that is calm, focused and successful.

As the Bar Exam approaches,  our hypnosis program teaches you how to easily and naturally shift into the present moment in this peaceful and self assured state of mind.  No longer will your critical inner voice sabotage your efforts by taking you into future worries beyond your control.  As you learn how to live in the now and overcome anxiety and stress you see benefits in all aspects of your life.  As the Bar Exam approaches, you discover how to remain focused upon success.  From that calm state of confidence you know that you are going to do great.

During the Bar Exam, you naturally remain calm, centered and focused. The correct answers come to you as you naturally access your inner wisdom and all that you have successfully absorbed within your subconscious mind.  u always start by taking in a few calm, relaxing breaths… soothing, balancing breaths… so that even under distracting events or around challenging people you remain calm, centered and relaxed.  Using specific tools that you learn from our hypnosis program such as anchoring and relaxation you successfully pass the bar exam.  When your mind focuses upon success and positive beliefs, you do great.


Through all parts of the Bar Exam, whether multiple choice, essays or fact patterns, you stay calm, focused and confident.  Like the eye of the storm no matter what happens around you your inner feelings are peaceful and open to success.  As you naturally access the information successfully stored within your subconscious mind it comes through at the right time and with the appropriate answers.

Even though the  Bar Exam can take place over several days, it is easy and natural for you to remain calm, centered and confident.  Using the techniques you learn with our hypnosis program, you access that part of your mind that is most positive, most focused and most successful.  From this powerful state of mind you successfully pass the Bar Exam.

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