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Tucson Hypnosis for Sports 


Using Hypnosis to Become a Better Athlete

Hypnosis re-focuses your mind upon success and achievement

  • Are you troubled by past fears or injuries?

  • Do you have trouble regaining your top form?

  • Are you able to believe in yourself and your abilities?

  • Does self sabotage keep you from winning?

  • Are you struggling with the voice of doubt and failure?


You don’t have to suffer any longer

Your past challenges don’t have to ruin your life.  Perhaps you had a traumatic experience during a practice or a match.  Maybe you had a moment of fear or self doubt.  Or you simply don’t seem to have the focus or the disciple to become the athlete you know you can be.

At Greenwood Hypnotherapy, We Offer a Zero Cost, Eliminate Self-Sabotage Consultation Session


In this 30 minute session you will leave with:

  • A plan that Identifies key strategic, milestone objectives

  • A view of the hidden forces that sabotage your efforts to change

  • A renewed sense of optimism and determination to take control of your life

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Whatever it is that sabotages your success, hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you move onward

  • Hypnosis helps release the underlying cause of your concern. 

  • Once you become more focused and confident, you naturally manifest your true potential.

  • Hypnosis also helps you to imagine and believe in the positive future you now create.

  • Whatever is keeping you from enjoying a more fulfilling life, hypnosis is a powerful ally in your quest for success.


Our hypnosis programs for athletic improvement are designed specifically for success and fulfillment  Each session is recorded onto an audio so you can reinforce the positive changes at home.  Approximately 75% of your positive hypnosis work occurs during our session in my Bellevue hypnosis office and 25% at home as reinforcement.

Your new, positive attitudes continue to anchor into your subconscious mind and it becomes easier to simply forget about the negative past and focus upon a more positive future.  Each session builds upon the last as we create your new way of being and experiencing your athletic abilities in a healthier way.

You also receive bonus audios to support your program that include a day use hypnosis program, an audio to listen to when you awaken each morning, one that you can listen to in your car and a self hypnosis program that builds upon your sessions.

Are you ready to feel more confident and enjoy sports even more?

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