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Bellevue Hypnosis to Help You Become and Remain a Non-Smoker

 Tucson Hypnosis to Help You Become and Remain a Non-Smoker

Click on the photo below to see slides of celebrities that have died from smoking 

matt-damon-ben-affleck-feeding-america (

These are some of the celebrities that have used hypnosis to quit smoking.

Consider using our Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Program

Our Hypnosis to Stop Smoking sessions are designed for success

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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

"Hi David, I wanted to give you an update on Vivian in case she has not. Vivian has not smoked a single cigarette since the day she left your office. After 43 years of non stop smoking I would say it's nothing short of a miracle. I've sent some of my friends your way recently and they have also been successful with their life changes. Thank you for helping Vicky with this and you should know how much it's improved our lives. Please include her testimony. It was one of the best things that's happened to us in 30 years. She may require a tune up someday in future but it's looking really good so far. Great work sir!!!"

John, Bellevue, WA May, 2015

When you quit smoking and are no longer buying cigarettes, you immediately save money.  In fact, most of my clients will pay for our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program is just a few short months.  Many insurance companies reimburse clients up to certain amount for stop smoking programs.  Check with your financial agent to learn more.  No more excuses to not let go of the habit.

Eight Reasons to Kick that Smoking Habit Now:

1.  Smoking related diseases are responsible for nearly 420,000 lives in America each year.
2.  There are at least 43 distinct cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes.
3.  Within minutes after a smoker quits the pulse and blood pressure return to normal.
4.  Within 8 hours blood oxygen becomes normal as carbon monoxide levels go down.
5.  Within 2 days your ability to smell and taste better improve as cells begin to grow back.
6.  Within 3 days the nicotine leaves your body and you are already becoming healthier.
7.  Within a few months circulation and lung Within 2 days the nicotine leaves your body function improves.
8.  Within 1 year smoking-related heart disease drops by 50%.

As many as 600 studies covering 72,000 people conclude that one on one hypnosis is one of the most effective approach to stop smoking.  Hypnosis is a natural, normal state heightened awareness that allows hypnotic suggestion to speed up the process.

"Our study has found compelling evidence that smoking has a long-lasting impact on our molecular machinery, an impact that can last more than 30 years," said Dr. Roby Joehanes of the Institute for Aging Research, a co-author of the study. "The encouraging news is that once you stop smoking, the majority of DNA methylation signals return to never-smoker levels after five years, which means your body is trying to heal itself of the harmful impacts of tobacco smoking."


Facts You Should Know About Chantix

Chantix has been found to be potentially a dangerous drub.  It is advisable that healthcare professionals should monitor patients using Chantix for behavior and mood changes. Patients taking this product should also use caution when driving or operating machinery.  It is advisable to read the Ongoing Safety Review regarding this potentially dangerous drug:


So How Much Money Will You Save Each Month?

Since the average smoker spends $125.00 to $250.00 per month on cigarettes, your hypnosis program will cost you about a few weeks to a few months worth of cigarettes.  Think about it.  Saving money is a huge incentive. If you smoke just one pack a day you’ll save $150.00 a month or $1800.00 a year!.  This doesn’t include all that you spend upon lighters, mouthwash, breath minds, deodorizers, cleaning expenses, and other smoking masking devices.


How Much Does Smoking Really Cost You?

Let’s see how much it costs you over your lifetime. 

At a cost of $5.00 a pack, if you smoked 2 packs per day over 40 years, you would have spent $144,000!

That’s more than most people save for their retirement!

Our Hypnosis to Stop Smoking programs are available at our office in Bellevue. 


5 Session Gold Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Program

This program is therapeutic in that it addresses additional deeper issues that cause you to continue to smoke.  It is designed for clients that have been unsuccessful in the past and have developed a strong attachment to cigarettes and smoking.

Our two hour initial session helps you to personalize your program.  During this initial session, we will discuss your particular needs so that we can create a hypnosis session unique for you.  We discuss this and more during the first hour and do the hypnosis session during the second hour.

Included in each Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Session Program are reinforcement mp3s for home use.  These hypnosis audio sessions are recorded from your actual program and are profoundly beneficial to your individual needs.


Try our free half hour Stop Smoking Motivation Consultation to learn how our Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Programs work.  

Our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program relies upon recorded sessions for reinforcement.  They are a vital and unique feature of our program.  How do Hypnosis audios help you to stop smoking?  Without reinforcement, positive suggestions can be overridden by old, negative behaviors.  The established negative belief system is strong and will, at first, resist new positive behaviors.  With reinforcement you anchor in the new, positive behaviors that become your new healthy habit as a non-smoker.

What’s the experience like?  Remember going to the movies?  You walk in, sit down, and begin to relax. When the movie comes on, your mind moves down into a more receptive and imaginative state of mind to watch the movie.  You naturally move into a trance.  From this trance-like state of mind you watch the movie.  If it’s a good movie, you remain in that state.  Everything you hear and see on the screen you actually believe is happening.  If not, you might pop back up into your analytical mind.

Like reading a novel.  You suspend belief and picture in your mind what you read.  In short, hypnosis is actually a familiar state of mind.

Ask Yourself These Three Important Question

1.  How motivated are you to become a nonsmoker?

2.  What’s keeping you from becoming a nonsmoker?

3.  How will your life change when you become a nonsmoker and reach your goals?


What will it take for you to use hypnosis to help you quit smoking and achieve your goals of becoming a nonsmoker?

Seriously, consider what it would be worth to you.  Too often we devalue our own dreams or focus just upon the needs of others.  Think about how your life and those around you will improve when you become a nonsmoker. What does it cost you to remain a smoker?  Isn’t acquiring the means to fulfill your dreams of becoming a nonsmoker worth a limited investment of your time and energy? Of course it is.  There is no more important investment than that which we make in ourselves and our loved ones.


Affleck tells Oprah how he quit smoking

Movie hunk Ben Affleck has revealed how pal Matt Damon, his baby daughter and a hypnotist helped him quit smoking. The Pearl Harbor star admitted he was hooked on cigarettes for almost 20 years before Matt advised him to try hypnosis. He decided to give it a go for the sake of his daughter Violet, now aged two, when wife Jennifer Garner fell pregnant. And the treatment worked as Ben gave up puffing his way through at least a pack a day.He told US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey he has not had a cigarette for more than two years.


Ben said:


“I thought I would give up at 25 and then 30, but that came and went. “I finally decided to quit smoking when I was going to have a child.“ I actually went to hypnosis. Matt Damon turned me on to this guy.  Matt quit the year before me. This guy just sat there and told me nicotine is poison.”  Oprah TV show

So what are you waiting for?

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