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All testimonials are the result of clients who willingly offer their experiences to help others.  Often I change their names but don't alter their responses.  And yes, it goes without saying that these clients followed directions, listened to their audios, and kept going for success.  


"Your success depends upon many factors.  All testimonials are offered as individual experiences which may or may not be the results you achieve.  Please come in for a free consultation so that you can learn more about how hypnosis can help you to achieve your goals." 

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Greenwood Hypnotherapy Groupon Customer Approval Ratings

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Here are a few of those testimonials:

I really enjoyed my visit and learned a few things it was well worth the money!

David is both skilled and sincere. I appreciate that he offers an effective alternative to long term talk therapy. I have already experienced change just from one hypnotherapy session with him and have made another appointment with him.Thanks David.

It was amazing, I feel GREAT!

Testimonials for Weight Loss

"I have lost 42 pounds since I started to see you in June, consistently at 1 to 2 pounds loss per week. I also stopped using most of my prescription meds, which I believe contributed substantially to my initially gaining weight. As you know, I am quite shy and I am not an attention seeker. When I get stopped in the hallways at work by my colleagues asking, 'Wow, how did you lose all the weight?' I tell them about the work I did with you and the power that hypnotherapy has given me over my life and my food choices."

Thanks, Leslie James (In my skinny red sweater)


I wanted to thank you again. No coke or desire to have coke or with any physical symptoms since our session. Plus I have lost a few pounds as a bonus. I have referred a ton of people to you. Saving up to book more sessions for other things I want to work on.


Thanks again for helping me change.


Renny, Bellevue, WA


Hypnotherapy worked as a door for me - a door into a new way of thinking and responding to my own intuition. And that has helped me move ever closer to my goals. The changes were subtle and did not come all at once. In fact, they are still coming! Not only do I find myself stronger, more confident and peaceful than before hypnotherapy, but I have achieved more clarity and discernment about my goals, and what works and what doesn't to help me achieve them.I started hypnotherapy to try to lose weight. I didn't lose weight immediately. It is now clear to me that the hypnotherapy gently moved my obstacles away, and led me to the right actions to help me lose the weight -- actions that I couldn't see before.

I am about one quarter of the way to my weight goal, and on a clear path to finish the journey. Along the way, I also gained clarity and confidence about my career goals, money, home life, spiritual path, and relationships. Well worth the price, when every important aspect of my life has been positively touched by the process. Thank you, David. Your kind, gentle approach and sincere care for each individual who walks through your door allowed me to relax into this process, and I'm ever so glad I did.

 --Colette Rice




I hope that you are settling well in your new endeavour. As we both are aware, we met when I was fighting cancer and its four tortures.  my weight was getting larger and with the meds given to me , i had developed a serious insomnia.  But within a 5- sessions , and with a miracle, i dropped 10 pounds within 5 weeks... THE SLEEP MEDICATIONS WERE  not necessary. THE ANXIETY WAS GONE.  With your extraordinary help i gained back the serenity that make life most agreeable. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXTRAORDINARY SKILLS.*

Amities Annik

Thanks Dave!


I owe David Greenwood a debt of gratitude I won’t ever be able to repay as my life has been forever changed. When I went to David for help with weight management and we did a guilt release session I was able to see that I deserved to be happy and I was able to set huge goals that I otherwise would not have set. David has been with me every step of the way helping me reach my goals and helping me overcome past negative behaviors. David has helped me kick a 20 year caffeine addiction in one week. I have stopped biting my nails after 38 years. David has helped be maintain a 100 pound weight loss and I am healthier than I have ever been. I only wish I had found David before my weight loss as it would have surely been much faster and easier. I highly recommend David if you want to lose weight or have other bad habits you no longer wish to struggle with. As if that weren’t enough, David has also helped me confront my fears and anxieties about public speaking. David has helped me come out of my shell and really start living and living big. With the self confidence I never knew I had I will someday help other people lose weight and I couldn’t have even believed that was possible without David Greenwood. Thanks for everything and you will always have a special place in my heart!”

Betty Adelman, Roseville July, 2014

Amazing!  Simple yet highly effective.

I was interested in finding out if hypnotherapy was the way to find an answer to the question as to the reason I began (around age 12) soothing and feeding emotions with unhealthy foods. This was the beginning of weight problems. At the free session David gave me a very thorough explanation of what I could expect.  With confidence and a knowing that David was the person to help me know the answer I scheduled an appointment.  I looked forward to the session with good feelings.  Yes, I did receive the answer, it came clearly and easily.  I had a total of 6 sessions with David for various other situations I wanted some help with.  Each time I left with a CD of the session which I used as David recommended.

I enjoyed the fact that David did not hesitate to use words I wanted said during the session.  I am most grateful for David's willingness to do this for me.  I find David to be highly professional, easy to talk with, and friendly.   David has the desire to help his clients achieve their desired results.

If you are willing to do the work that David recommends I feel you'll be pleased with the results.

I highly recommend scheduling your free session to see how David can help you.  I am a very pleased client who will not hesitate to see David again.    Thanks David for everything.

 June L. San Jose, CA

David's program has been exceptional for me.    His system has helped me address core beliefs about self respect and self worth that I have struggled with throughout my life.    I lost 25 lbs and have drastically changed my lifestyle and I am pretty confident that the subconscious changes I have made are due to Davids program.   I listen to the cd's he made for me on a daily basis.  Gradually over time I have made changes but like many things in life it takes practice and persistence.  For me the changes did not happen over night.  Over the last few months of consistently listening to his individualized cd's there has been marked improvement in my sense of self worth and self esteem. 

If you struggle with any sort of self-sabotage or any subconscious problems I strongly suggest giving David a call.   He is easy going and was really helpful.  Aside from the longterm benefits of continually listening to the cds, the actual experience of going into David's office is relaxing and I immediately felt better after each session.   Like I said however, the long term benefits that I have noticed have been due to constantly listening to the material over and over again analogous to going to the gym continually.

 Dean M. Orangevale, CA


Over the past two months I have received hypnosis therapy for weight loss from David Greenwood, at Greenwood Hypnotherapy.  David is extremely knowledgeable and professional in understanding and prescribing therapy.  At each session he reviewed with me my progress and suggested helpful information about food to help me succeed in my weight loss.  I learned that there are many things in our subconscious that sabotage success in weight loss.  These emotions or feelings can cause one to overeat or snack constantly.  Eating becomes a self medicating way to deal with these emotions.  By treating these at the subconscious level I am now better able to stop and think before I grab a snack.  I will continue to use the CD's from our sessions to strengthen my resolve to continue eating a healthy and nutritional diet.  If you are looking for a new avenue to accomplish weight loss then I highly recommend you try Greenwood Hypnotherapy.  I know I'm happy I did!

Katherine B. Folsom, CA


I am SOOOOOO thankful I found this Man!!! He is very approachable, listens, His feedback is spot on! It helped me tremendously! I so was soooo happy and impressed by all the progress that I convinced my best friend to go and she has also been helped enormously by the sessions, I would recommend him to anyone!!! THANK YOU DR. GREENWOOD YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I'm eating better, working out, losing weight, my sales are up at work, I am a much happier person!  5.0 star rating!

Cruz S. Elk Grove, CA


I highly recommend working with David at Greenwood Hypnotherapy.  I accomplished all of my goals within 3 sessions.  David is kind and caring and works with you in every way possible.  He also gives out CD's that you can use to get you through challenging times.  The office is a really comfortable setting, makes you feel right at home.  I went for weight loss and never gained back the weight.  My medical doctor agreed with his plan and thought he was a great coach.  Don't miss the chance to make positive changes in your life.


Betsy F., Portland, OR


Thanks for the note. I am doing fantastic! I actually accepted a new job in September! I have relocated to Missouri. I believe I owe that opportunity to the work you did with me! I left myself open to new opportunities and was very determined to stop being SO unhappy every day of my life!

The new job is much less stressful – but very rewarding – in that i am able to something i am good at! thank you so much for your contribution to my freedom!

I listen to my hypnotherapy recordings almost every day – still. I finally started working out again – and i’ve lost 20 lbs in the past 3 weeks. drinking tons and tons of water. and i am off sugar!

i have less pain too – i believe that has a lot to do with the weight loss, but also with the amount of water intake as well.

Best regards,

Elise Lussier

A year ago, I came to you and we did hypnosis for weight loss. I wanted to let you know that so far I’ve lost 55 pounds, and it has been by listening to CDs at night and knowing that I have a choice. And every choice I make, I still hear your voice saying I can make the right ones. You know what? It has changed my life. Thank you so much.

Elise Lussier


Just to let you know I have been going to the gym faithfully. I have increased my workout from 30 minutes to almost THREE hours NOW! I seem to have stopped losing weight because I’m now building muscle. But I have changed sizes! Last month I went from a size 16 to a 14 and have even gotten into a size 12! The sizes I have gone through are phenomenal.

I now ride 30-40 miles a DAY on the stationary bike. Even when I go to visit my mother in Oregon I have found a Senior Citizen Center with a gym. If I don’t have time for a full workout, I ride a minimum of 20 miles.

Today I had a big disappointment because the gym was closed! I felt tired and sluggish ALL day!

I have given your name to everyone! Including my doctor. If anyone comes to you and tells you that Dr. R told them about you, that’s because I told Dr R.

Truthfully, I am slimmer now than I was in 1993!

Thanks again, M.B.

I am more aware of the amount and types of food that I eat, and drink more water. I am increasing my physical activity weekly, so I try to exercise three times a week by bike riding or walking. I actually did it last week! I can now keep my hand out of the candy jar, and feel more positive about myself. I lost 3 pounds this week.


Thanks Dave!!

Vicki S., Citrus Heights

I worked with Dave Greenwood over a period of six months, and I can honestly say that I have changed the way I think about food and about myself. My weight loss has been slow by steady, and I am grateful for that, but it is not the most significant change to me. The change I am most pleased with is that I am able to make smarter decisions about the quality of my life and my eating habits without a sense of deprivation or loss. Hypnotherapy truly changed the way I think. When faced with an eating decision, thoughts now come into my mind, such as, “Two bites satisfies the appetite,” and I am genuinely satisfied with one or two bites. This particular suggestion has enabled be to appreciate the taste of foods I no longer want to overeat. The true test of my new eating behaviors came in July, after I had lost 17 pounds, when I went on my annual vacation with friends. Though in past years I have gained between 5 and 10 pounds on this month-long trip, this year, I ate what I chose to eat, never felt cheated out of an eating experience, and lost two pounds in the bargain! I am now within five pounds of my goal weight and have no doubt that I will achieve it and maintain it – because I have learned to change the way I think!

J. D.,Granite Bay

I’ve been thinking about what to write as a testimonial because I feel like I got so much out of our sessions. It’s interesting you wrote that some people write something as simple as “drinking more water.” When I thought about it, it kind of seemed insignificant, but then I realized that I’ve totally given up diet sodas & artificial sweeteners. I don’t even have any in the house right now! That’s amazing to me – I never thought I could do that and still lose weight. I don’t even remember when it happened, but somewhere along the way I just stopped buying diet soda. I guess it’s true that little changes like this can add up to make a huge difference in my health and my life.

Thanks for everything.

L. S., Folsom

Over the past two months I have received hypnosis therapy from David Greenwood, at Greenwood Hypnotherapy. David is extremely knowledgeable and professional in understanding and prescribing therapy. Each session he reviewed with me my progress and suggested helpful information about food. I learned there are many things in our subconscious that sabotage success in weight loss. These emotions or feelings can cause one to overeat or snack constantly. Eating becomes a self medicating way to deal with these emotions. By treating these at the subconscious level I am now better able to stop and think before I grab a snack. I will continue to use the CD's from our sessions to continue eating a healthy and nutritional diet. If you are looking for a new avenue to accomplish weight loss then I highly recommend you try Greenwood Hypnotherapy. I know I'm happy I did!

K Breth

I have tried other hypnosis programs and can honestly say that this one is by far the best. David Greenwood's superior knowledge of the working of the mind is unbelievable. What I really like is that he goes above and beyond explaining what sabotages the mind and he does it in understandable terms. I tried Tom Nicoli's program and I think it is great but he does not do any explaining at all. When you get the Greenwood program it really IS a program. Not just some kind of cd that you pop in. Before you begin you listen to an introductory cd where he explains our blockages, what sabotages us, the "guardian"(the subconscious mind-that treats us like children) and how to overcome the obstacles. I had countless "aha" moments and I finally get it. His voice is very soothing and I totally believe (and he mentions it too) that he REALLY wants us to succeed. I wholeheartedly believe it.

He teaches to think positive and to use the phrase "...until now". "up UNTIL NOW" I was doing many things wrong, but it's in the past. NOW, that will change. It is very simple to divert a negative thought or behavior pattern, when you realize it say "Until Now!" - that put's a brake or stop into it and almost magically the old patterns start changing. I think it's amazing. Each cd has a wake up pep talk, a day hypnosis session and a night/sleep session. And with each cd he addresses different problems. He also included a cd that can be listened to in the car for reinforcement. Repetition is the key!

Highly, highly recommended!!!


Testimonials to Stop Smoking

"Hi David, I wanted to give you an update on Vivian in case she has not. Vivian has not smoked a single cigarette since the day she left your office. After 43 years of non stop smoking I would say it's nothing short of a miracle. I've sent some of my friends your way recently and they have also been successful with their life changes. Thank you for helping Vicky with this and you should know how much it's improved our lives. Please include her testimony. It was one of the best things that's happened to us in 30 years. She may require a tune up someday in future but it's looking really good so far. Great work sir!!!"

John, Bellevue, WA May, 2015

Hello David,

Thank you for reminding me about my last unused session….however I really do not need a session right now…It has been 6-1/2 months that I have been a NON-smoker.. i feel great…….Since I have seen you last I broke my ankle and have been in a hard cast for 5 weeks and a soft-removable cast for 6 weeks. Isn’t life grand! Hope all is well with you!

M., Roseville

Testimonials for Anxiety

Hi David,

I hope this email finds you feeling blessed and thankful.

Thank you so much for all that you have guided me to do over the last ten months. I am more peaceful, thankful, satisfied, joy filled and happy than I have ever been in my life. I am so excited about the future yet fully living in the present and completely disconnected from the hurts of my past. I thank you for the way you have chosen to live your life and the choice to help others live a life worth living and giving. I know for a fact in my life and I am sure many others that you have made a positive difference for many generations to come and helped me change the outcome and Destiny of my entire life.

Feel free to use this note if you would like to share with clients or futureclients and for those that come to David for Hypnosis, remember that David will listen to your story and your needs. He will an absolutely incredible job guiding you BUT the commitment, the work and the journey is completely up to you. You can heal, you can live a life filled with peace and excitement, you can wake up feeling excited about your life today. It's simply a matter of how bad you want it.


Thanks again,  Bob Erickson,   Sacramento, CA


David Greenwood, helped me break free of many self sabotaging behaviors & patterns. Since working with David, my career has flourished, Prosperity, Abundance & good health are part of my daily mind set....."You truly are what you think about".  I have known David for over 2 years both as a client and a coworker. As a client David has helped me achieve person goals such as weight loss, building a successful business and eliminating self sabotage.

As a coworker I have seen many of David's clients who have been extremely satisfied with the results they have achieved through their sessions with him.

Thank You David for helping me see that "Anything is Possible"

Holly C., Folsom, CA

I've done some exploring of my patterns and fears, this anxiety program is very complete, gave me good direction to work on and the presentation was professional in its scope.


Don West

Testimonials for Fears

I can’t even begin to thank you enough for your help. I really do feel so much better and stronger after seeing you. God has really given you a gift to be able to touch people with. Bless you!

Robin Reiny


I was scheduled to have surgery on Monday and came in to see David on Saturday. I shared with him that I was fearful of the surgery; that I had spent a good deal of time preparing for it and having my will and health care durable power of attorney drawn up and signed and getting my house in order for recovery. My stress level about the surgery had only increased when the surgery was cancelled 10 days before and rescheduled. In addition to wanting assistance with my weight loss goals following the surgery, I wanted assistance with getting through the surgery itself.

David suggested that since the effects of a hypnosis session normally last for approximately 5 days, that he would do an unrecorded session to deal specifically with the surgery itself and then we would record a session to assist with the weight loss following surgery. In the surgery session, David mad positive suggestions about the surgery and its outcome; one thing that I remembered in particular was that he said that the surgery would be a “wonderful surgery.”. I commented to David afterwards that this seemed odd to me because I hadn’t thought of a surgery as being “wonderful”, yet it made sense as I considered it.

On the morning of the surgery, I was in a positive mood and as we were somewhat delayed getting into the operating room, I had a good chance to talk with both surgeons. I decided to tell my doctor what had gone on in the hypnosis session – that I had received the suggestion that the surgery would be wonderful and so that was the mood I was taking into the surgery. The doctor liked hearing that and said that she believed that mental attitude is so important – in fact her attitude had helped her cope with her young daughter’s surgery a couple of weeks previously.
Needless to say After the operation was complete, my doctor went out to talk with my family. She told them that everything had gone like clockwork and the surgery went very well. Then she said, “In fact, it was a wonderful surgery!” , my family was happy to share this with me. Recovery went very easily and smoothly and I am now well on the way to being able to resume full activities. I believe that the hypnosis and power of suggestion were keys to the whole experience, allowing it to be positive for me.

Carol Addy

Testimonials for Phobias

  • Driving

  • Driving Over Bridges

  • Public Speaking

  • Test Taking

  • Flying


 Hi David,


I hope all is well.  I came in for a session with you towards the end July, a day or two before taking the CA bar exam.  I wanted to shoot an email and let you know that I passed!  I owe a big part of it to remaining calm and positive during those few days leading up to (and during) the exam which I think our session (and your tapes) helped me to do.  I also used the anchoring technique you showed me before each test day to remain calm.  My session with you was money well spent!  Please let me if you have a specific site on which you'd like me to leave a review!

 Best,   Rachel McCammon


Great program. I took the intensive study course through Barbri like most other bar-takers. However with all the intensive studying I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed out. This program was great. It was wonderful at calming my nerves and helping me feel confident going into the test. Anyone who is studying for the Bar knows that you'll do just about anything to feel confident and not to freak out. This program definitely calmed my nerves before the test, which was priceless to me.

Cathy, Folsom, CA

Hi David,


I hope all is well.  I came in for a session with you towards the end July, a day or two before taking the CA bar exam.  I wanted to shoot an email and let you know that I passed!  I owe a big part of it to remaining calm and positive during those few days leading up to (and during) the exam which I think our session (and your tapes) helped me to do.  I also used the anchoring technique you showed me before each test day to remain calm.  My session with you was money well spent!  Please let me if you have a specific site on which you’d like me to leave a review!

Best, Rene McCord

I came to see David to help with my fear of public speaking.  I have always been nervous while speaking in front of groups.  After 3 sessions with David, I found my self confidence improving to the point where I was able to feel more comfortable with public speaking.  I did 2 more over a month's time and now I feel free from my fears.  I highly recommend David's services if you have a fear or phobia to overcome.  5.0 star rating

Thanks David.

I have dreaded speaking in public for as long as I can remember. For some reason I never have been able to feel totally comfortable speaking in front of others. Since I must do a little public speaking from time to time for my business, this has been a huge problem. A friend of mine has used hypnosis therapy to help with various issues and has been very happy with the results. She recommended I try it. I was skeptical but decided I would at least look into it since nothing else has helped with this issue to date. I checked on line for a hypnosis program dealing specifically with fear of public speaking and decided on the program offered by Greenwood Hypnotherapy. I did not expect that my public speaking problem would magically evaporate overnight and it didn't. But after listening to the entire program and repeating it as recommended, I've made great progress. I no longer dread my weekly presentations at business meetings. My confidence is growing and that shows in my new-found ability to speak in front of a group feeling much more confident and relaxed. I am extremely satisfied with these results and recommend this program to anyone with a similar problem.

Joan, Seattle, WA

I purchased Greenwood Hypnotherapy's Public Speaking Hypnosis CD Program to assist me in my career as an attorney. After using the Passing the California State Bar Exam Hypnosis CD Program to help me prepare for and successfully pass the Bar, I decided to also purchase their Public Speaking Program so that I could feel more confident speaking in court. I think this program would be great for anyone wanting to gain confidence in public speaking. I felt much more calm in court after using this cd, I'd highly recommend this to others.

Pam, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Mr Greenwood:

   I came to see you about passing my CSET Mathematics subtest II. I passed. I am sure that your help was instrumental. On the test that I had failed, I had given myself 2.67 minutes per multiple choice question and 10 per free response. I hadn't finished the multiple choice in the 2.67 that I planned, much less the 2 that you suggested. So when you said 2 minutes for the multiple choice and 15 minutes for the free response, that sounded really iffy. When you added that I would finish with a couple of minutes to share, that seemed downright impossible. I thought: Whatever. When I get to the test, I'll decide what feels right. When I got to the test, I performed exactly as you said in the session, including finishing a few minutes early. To me, this is evidence that the therapy worked!

Good luck in Seattle! It is definitely one of my favorite cities. 

Thanks, Stephanie Grier



It really works!! Okay, now for the rest of my review.

My fear of flying has caused me many problems in my life. I've done quite a few things to try and deal with it without success. A coworker of mine recommended David and in preparation for a holiday trip to visit family I contacted David. I went to the free session and was really impressed so I decided to give it a shot. I followed his directions and listened to my sessions every day following my weekly appointment. After 3 weeks it was time for my trip to see family. My anxiety the day of flying was much lower than previously, but I was still nervous that I might have a difficult flight. It was just like he told me it would be though! I flew there and back with no problems at all! It was no big deal! When we landed back at home I was so excited and proud of myself!

It does take some work on your part, making time to listen to the sessions and using the techniques. That said, it's totally worth it and totally life changing. I am so excited to be able to fly now!

I really encourage you to give this a chance. Do your homework and you'll get good results!

Karelin G., Orangevale, CA

I wanted to write you and thank you for being the catalyst to helping me achieve my goal of becoming a better public speaker. I got up in front of 120 people yesterday and nailed a speech without missing a beat. Sure, I was somewhat nervous, yet was able to pull it off without a bunch of internal drama. All my anxiety was directed outward instead of internalizing it. Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to our next session.

John Easterbrook

Dear David,

“I want to express my sincerest thanks for the amazing service you provided. When I came to you, I was exhausted. Exhausted from my endless stream of worries and what-ifs, and endless lists of things to prepare and worry over, stressed about work, upcoming flights, public speaking, etc.   I wish more people knew what a difference hypnosis can make to quickly change our thought process. Thanks to your service, I have greatly reduced the negative thoughts that sabotaged me everyday. I was calm during flying, calm during public speaking and have no doubt that what I learned from you will last a lifetime.  I encourage anyone who is trying to help themselves deal with stress and anxiety to contact you and pursue hypnotherapy as a valid and effective treatment. I know it works – I just wish I had known 10 years ago. Thank you again for your amazing service.”

Sincerely, Sarah G

Testimonials for Sexuality

Hi David,

Just wanted to report that we successfully consummated our union on Wednesday night. I took your advice and just enjoyed the experience rather than worry about the outcome. I have to believe that my sessions with you were a big factor. Thanks!

Hi David,

Had another successful sexual encounter last night. The most important result of our sessions was not worrying about how things are going to work out, just enjoying the moment. And that has been a complete success! Thanks for your help and I won't hesitate to avail myself or your services in the future if needed.


Testimonials for Children and Teens


After taking our 9 year old daughter to numerous doctors and specialists to try and find a way to help her with her extreme separation anxiety... We decided to try hypnotherapy to give her some relief. We researched around and found David. What a gift it was to have him help her... and help her he did. Each hypnotherapy session brought her major relief. She was having a terrible time going to sleep at night and he created wonderful audio tapes of their sessions together for her to listen to at bed time. Soon thereafter she was sleeping peacefully through the night. She is doing quite well these days and we still frequently play the tapes he made to soothe her if ever she has a flare-up. We are forever grateful for David and the beautiful work he does. Hypnotherapy seems to bring all things good to those who are suffering from various different ailments.

Grateful Mom



David Greenwood is AWESOME!!  I spoke with him 2 1/2 years ago in regards to counseling services for my (then 15yr old) daughter.  She was going through a rough time trying to make her way through her teen years, peer pressures & the horrible tragedy of losing her older brother in a car accident.  She was angry & argumentative.  I found David on the internet, & gave him a call.  Honestly, after my daughter's first session, I saw my positive & bubbly girl back!!  She has made tremendous strides since then.  He has helped her focus on the positives in her life, develop (moreso) her communication skills & work through her grieving process.  Our family has grown closer, communicate more & support one another compared to before.  I cannot thank him enough.  I will be scheduling my own appointments with him VERY soon.


No doubt, he is the BEST!


Stacie L.,  Vacaville, CA


Testimonials for Relationships

I have been to David Greenwood several times and found hypnosis to be very powerful in overcoming my self doubt and helping me reframe my thoughts to be more positive. I truly believe that you have to get there in your your mind first, then the physical manifestation will follow. The first time I did hypnotherapy with Greenwood was for increased confidence in my sales ability. I was in a slump and having a hard time getting motivated to work. I started his hypnotherapy program that included several sessions and was able to get my mojo back and had the best sales month to date after completing the program.

I have been back for relationship help and help for getting in touch with my authentic self so that I can live happier and achieve my goals in an easy flowing manner.


David Greenwood is very easy to talk to and a great life coach. His hypnotherapy skills are stellar and I love that he records the sessions for you to take home. I refer back to them often. I highly recommend him.

Lisette B., Citrus Heights, CA

Testimonials for Self Improvement

  • Cleaning Clutter

  • Insomnia

  • Teeth Grinding

  • Stuttering

  • Anger

  • Insomnia

  • Irritable Bowl Syndrome

  • Grief

I've been thinking about hypnotherapy for a while because I want a "quick fix". I'm tired of going to numerous sessions with psychologists and talking about a bunch of stuff, starting from my early childhood and family, hoping that the root of my issues will slowly be found and resolved. Even though I've considered hypnotherapy as an alternative, I didn't do it sooner because:

1) I'm scared (I know hypnotherapy is a legit form of psychological therapy and all but I still can't help being spooked thanks to TV and movies)
2) The sessions are expensive

But I finally became desperate enough to be willing to pay for a session. After all, if it really does work, then it's actually a small price to pay in exchange for the invaluable positive changes that I haven't been able to change by myself. But in a twist of fate, there was a hypnotherapy offer on Living Social the morning after! Out of all times! I've NEVER seen any of the coupon/deal websites offer hypnotherapy before, it was destiny!

Before buying the Living Social deal, I did a little bit of research on his site to check everything out. According to his website, he also has an MA in psychology which made me feel better knowing that he has a legit degree to back him up and not just a "certificate"... no offense.

I probably would not have found Greenwood Hypnotherapy without the Living Social deal as his main location is in Folsom and I would have only looked locally. He also has a location in Sacramento near Sac State in which he is there Tuesdays and Thursdays. I went to the Folsom location because it was the earliest appointment I could get and remember, I'm desperate!

Mr. Greenwood was very helpful with me, answering my emails inquiring about setting an appointment and also messaged me on Facebook to notify that he had more appointments available.

When I got there, he was very warm and friendly. I was very scared and he spent his time to explain the whole process with me in detail and did not rush anything at all, despite maybe having to take more time on my evaluation. He made an effort to make sure I was comfortable when I tried to relax and "fall asleep".

Unfortunately, I was still freaked out and scared about the whole process so I wasn't able to use the in-person session to it's full advantage. I tried my hardest to relax but my body was tense. I was afraid I was going to be put in a trance and hallucinate LOL. At the end of the session, he said that if I had any questions or concerns to feel free to contact him.

He recorded the session and gave me the CD to listen to at night. He also gave me a prerecorded optimism CD that I have yet to listen to. The interesting thing that I wasn't expecting is that every night I listen to my CD before going to sleep, I always have dreams. I am a very rare dreamer, with maybe only one every couple months that I can recall in the morning, and when I don't listen to the CD, I don't have dreams either. The only other thing that I have experience with that gave me "forced" dreams was this certain psychiatric medication. Hmm, it must be having some effect on the brain!

I don't want to publicly admit this, but the reason I went to see him was because I wanted to improve my study habits and I also have a tendency to skip lectures... a lot. Let me put this in perspective: I took three classes last quarter and for two of the classes, I showed up to the first midterm not knowing what the professor even looked like... Yeah.

It's been about 4 weeks since my hypnotherapy session and I haven't been listening to my CD every single night, but this quarter I have not missed any classes and I am studying a little everyday (not as much as I should but it's been a big improvement compared to before which was basically not at all)

I've been telling my friends about my whole hypnotherapy experience and some of them have similar problems as I do. They are keeping an eye on my progress because they are seriously considering hypnotherapy now too!

 Elizabeth N., Davis, CA

David is very professional yet warm and caring. His expertise with any issue is evident as you work together and eliminate any limits you feel to your life. I am so much happier and at peace after my sessions with David. Thanks!   5.0 star rating 

E.F. Folsom, CA

David Greenwood is an incredibly effective hypnotherapist. Because his demeaner is so empathic he helped me feel more comfortable with the process. His office is a very relaxing atmosphere and David's voice is perfect for hypnosis. Best of all the treatment is completely individualized. I will definitely be returning for more sessions.

    Debbie N., Folsom, CA


I had some major issues with the Doctor’s here, one of the dr’s said some things that were very inappropriate and unprofessional. I stuck to my guns and pointed out to both the dr’s that the issue was their problem, not mine. They both ended up apologizing.

Someone turned in my roommate and I for having the ferts (the kids), so we have had to move them underground for the time being. It’s been very hard not to have them at home, but I have handled it all amazingly well.

I guess the point in telling you these things is that my life has never been so calm in my life. I never thought that life could be so easy! It’s very hard to explain to people, but my life has been forever changed.

Your re-wiring of my hard drive has changed me in the best of  ways… There is never a moment when I do not realize how far I have come and the fact the “I deserve to be here”. Thank-you once again!

Also, I have given my roommate your card with an offer to pay for the sessions.  Things are getting tense with his co-workers and his roommate (that would be me). He knows that this is something that he has to want to do, so it’s up to him. I’m just trying to guide him in a direction that worked for me…

In the near future I will be coming back in for some more “re-wiring”, there is always room for improvement. Hypnotherapy is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I am always willing to share that with anyone who will listen. The world could use some mass hypnosis sessions!

Again, thank-you for all of your assistance… 

 Zacharia J. Jackson

Recently I was having trouble with pretty severe anxiety and problems with sleep. I had not worked for more than a year and was having money problems. I had tried lots of different remedies including melatonin, magnesium, valerian, prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids. The melatonin would work sometimes but not all of the time. The magnesium works but you must be careful not to get too much and the valerian almost always made me feel groggy the next day.Of course the prescription and over-the-counter aids would work but there were always side effects and I was worried that I would develop an addiction. Considering myself to be somewhat holistic, I knew that I needed to find something natural that would help me and have no side effects. I had tried some hypnosis tapes in the past that were produced by a female but they didn't seem to work for me. Then someone told me about Greenwood Hypnotherapy cd's and suggested I try them. I found Mr.Greenwood's voice to be extremely relaxing. At first it was difficult for me to relax and let go of random thoughts and I would make it all the way through the cd. After a few times listening I started to focus more on Mr. Greenwood's words and it became so easy to relax that now I don't make it to the end of the cd.


I fall asleep fairly easily at the normal time of night. But I have great difficulty staying asleep. I usually fall asleep at 10:00 pm. or so but then wake up around 1:00 or 2:00 am and stay awake for several hours. This has been a pattern for many, many years. I tried everything to break this cycle, from sleeping medications to meditation to buying a new mattress. You name it, I tried it.

After nothing helped, I finally went online recently to search for other possible remedies and came across the Insomnia Relief program offered by Greenwood Hypnosis. It was very inexpensive compared to everything else I'd tried previously. I ordered it, used it, and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. As directed, I played the CD when I first retired for the night. It helped to fall asleep faster and feeling more relaxed. When I did awaken that night at 1:30 am, I replayed the CD and was able to drift off again peacefully within a few minutes. After following this routine for about a week, I found that I was able to stay asleep throughout the night most of the time without awakening. What an incredible relief! This simple program has helped me enormously. I'm getting many hours more sleep now than I have for years. My energy level has increased and I no longer dread waking up in the early morning hours. I highly recommend this program to anyone with sleep issues. It has been invaluable to me.




I went to hypnosis in hopes of gaining control of my emotions – especially my temper. My tendencies toward anger, irritability and impatience were not only negatively affecting my health, but they were putting up barriers in my relationships with my wife and three teenage children. A life-time of embracing and perfecting these destructive traits had ingrained them into my personality. However, I knew that my family deserved better and that I needed to make a change, but didn’t know how.

I began to understand that the mind-set and attitudes that triggered my temper were similar to those that caused others to over-eat or light up a cigarette. As I see it, our bad habits are just the symptoms of a deeper problem. If I worked on those deeper issues, my bad habits would begin to lose their muscle.
I began to notice a change my first week. When I succumbed to my bad habits and found myself getting angry, all of a sudden I began to notice that another behavior option, a more rational and productive choice began to present itself in the back of my mind. Within a few weeks I discovered that it was becoming easier to set aside my first impulse of anger and react to life’s challenges in a more positive way. At first it was a conscious decision but soon became a more natural response.

Two to three weeks later, it was becoming clear to my family that something was different. I found that my teens were opening up more and we were beginning to have more fun together. I believe that they were sensitive to the subtle changes within me and responded accordingly. I found that I didn’t have to be perfect because they knew that I was making a sincere effort and I was making sure that I was open with them about the process I was going through.

My family was not the only ones to begin to notice changes in me, not only in my attitude but physically as well. As a side benefit, I found that I began to lose some extra pounds that I knew I should be shedding but had not really considered a priority. However, I ended up losing 20 pounds. People kept asking me what I was doing- I proudly began to become an unofficial spokesman for Dave. I found it was very difficult not to be enthusiastic about what I was experiencing and sharing it with others.

As I look back over the years of searching through self-help books for answers (which I still feel is very valuable and important to do), and meeting with a psychiatrist that seemed to do little more than prescribe anti-depressants with their myriad of side-effects.

I am amazed at the impact hypnosis has had on my life in such a short period of time. Far from being perfect, I still am excited about the changes that I have experienced. Hypnosis has produced results that I have not experienced before and I feel that these changes will be long term because they have given me the tools to make adjustments when I find myself falling back into old habits.

Hypnosis has given me the knowledge and tools to control my emotional states which have had a very positive impact on my relationship with my wife and teenage children. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone that is prepared to make real changes in their lives.

Dean Fuller, Sacramento, CA


“I really appreciate this. I mean, I do believe that the last session did more to work on my anger issues than the past three years I’ve spent going to my Anger Management Group at the VA.  Thanks!”   

Regards, Larry N., Folsom


David Greenwood made me feel very comfortable when I wasn’t sure what to expect! His techniques made me realize that he would never push me towards anything I wasn’t ready to do. I reached my true goal and would recommend Greenwood Hypnotherapy for anyone struggling with issues. If you have never used hypnotherapy before, this is the safe place to be!

B. P.,Roseville

Testimonials for Sports

Thank you so much for helping our son with his ski racing.  He had never medaled before and after his sessions came back with two silvers and a bronze!  We are overjoyed with his success. 

Jenny Viele,  El Dorado Hills

David, I appreciate all that you did helping me improve my golf game.  As you know, my anxiety had created a lack of focus and I lost a lot of my confidence.  I have it back now and am doing great.  The Senior Tour has a lot of stress related to the tournaments but once again I am back on track.  Thanks so much!

Jenny Peterson, Sacramento

Just wanted you to know how grateful we are for all the help you gave our son for football.  He had lost a lot of confidence after his injury but now he is once again playing like his old self!  Thank you so much for giving him back his self confidence. 


Susan Ball, Folsom

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