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Hypnosis for Teens and Children


Let's talk about your children and teenagers and the issues that cause them anxiety and fear.

  • First, we will address Teenager's issues and how hypnosis can benefit them.

  • Next, we focus upon Children

Tucson Hypnosis Sessions for Teens

Learn how Hypnosis can help your teen


Do your teens…

  • have social fears and concerns?

  • seem afraid of putting themselves out there?

  • suffer when it comes to school work?

  • sometimes feel anxious or depressed


Hypnosis is a powerful technique for change

Whether their anxieties have been recent or long lasting, they don't have to be permanent.  Isn't it time to give them the tools necessary for success?

How do teen benefit from using hypnosis?  There are many reasons why teenagers can benefit by seeing a hypnotherapist. 


Some of the more common school issues are:

  • improving reading,

  • writing,

  • learning skills,

  • homework,

  • improving grades, 

  • sports related challenges,

  • social anxieties,

  • relationship issues,

  • lack of self confidence and self esteem

Hypnosis for Childrens Fears.jpg

Hypnosis is a positive therapy because it focuses your teenager's mind upon what it is they positively want to become.  Hypnosis also is a focused state of awareness, so it is very effective in changing the way your teen feels about themselves.  It overrides old, negative beliefs and behaviors. It breaks old trance states of negative beliefs so that they once again focus upon joy and success.


Use hypnosis to resolve their fears

Hypnosis becomes a useful way to make the changes they deserve and desire.   When your teen uses hypnosis they focus their positive subconscious mind upon that future that is far healthier and happier than their current situation.  

Hypnosis affects your teen's anxieties to....

  • Give them the opportunity to feel positive about

  • themselves

  • Give them the ability to come alive and feel excited about life

  • Give them a new way of relating so that they feel relaxed in every social situations

  • Give them a desire to enjoy school and to feel more confident

Our Hypnosis for Teen Anxieties program is available in two ways…

1.  In our Tucson office

2.  By phone/Zoom


Our Hypnosis for Teenage Anxieties Program is designed specifically to resolve your teens fears and concerns. We record every session onto a CD for at-home reinforcement.  They may be used anytime during the day or at night as they fall asleep. With continual sessions the positive new beliefs and behaviors are anchored deep within their subconscious mind. 

When old issues begin to fade away your teenager becomes happier and more confident.  Every session builds upon the previous session to anchor this new way of being deep within their subconscious mind.


We offer a free consultation for you to learn more.

Click on the Hypnosis Session button below and schedule your free hypnosis consultation today.


Bellevue Hypnosis sessions can help your child release their fears and anxieties

Think about your children…

  • Do they seem to be shy and reserved?

  • Are they afraid of being left alone?

  • Does their school work seem to be suffering?

  • Are they anxious or depressed?

They no longer need to suffer 

Their past fears and anxieties don’t have to be permanent.  Whether they have felt this way for a long time, or maybe they just recently been acting differently.  Whatever the reasons isn’t it time to help them release this baggage and start over?

Why Children Come to a Hypnotherapist

There are many reasons that children come to a hypnotherapist.  School issues include:


  • reading,

  • writing,

  • memory,

  • doing homework,

  • performing better in the classroom,

  • enjoying school, improving grades, 

  • bedwetting,

  • nightmares,

  • fear of the dark,

  • low self-esteem,

  • dealing with divorce or a death in a family,

  • illness–their own or someone in the family, 

  • many more.

Whatever the issue, we offer hypnosis to help them enjoy a better life.

Hypnosis helps you relax and move into a trance-like state of mind where you are very suggestible.  A trance is  defined as an altered state of awareness induced via hypnotism in which unconscious or dissociated responses to suggestion are enhanced in quality and increased in degree.

Hypnosis is also a focused state of heightened awareness. Hypnosis helps children overcome this trance state so that they can once again regain their joy and success.


Hypnosis is the perfect tool of support.


Use hypnosis to resolve their fears

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that focuses your mind upon what you want. When you are in hypnosis you are focused upon your goals in a more productive way.  As their subconscious mind fills with positive beliefs they naturally return to a more positive way of being.

Hypnosis for children’s fears and anxieties gives them the opportunity to feel good once again.

  • Help them to once again feel positive about themselves

  • Help them to come alive and get excited about life

  • Help them feel comfortable in all social situations

  • Help them to enjoy school and make new friends


Our Hypnosis for Children’s Fears and Anxieties program is available in our Tucson office

fotolia_1143912, teen smiling.jpg

We offer a free consultation for you to learn more.  Click on the Free Consultation button to schedule your free hypnosis consultation today.

Intrigued? Which of these sounds familiar…
  • “I’m tired of the anxiety that comes up when I take tests…”

  • “I have trouble focusing when I take tests…”

  • “I start worrying about the outcome when I take tests…”

  • “I am so ready to get over my fears and pass my test”

If these and other questions derail you when you think about taking tests, why not learn how hypnosis can help you to turn it all around and become successful?  Give yourself the opportunity to move on with your life and release the fears?

Are you ready to be more focused while you study?

I know that test taking self-confidence naturally occurs when your subconscious mind focuses on relaxation, optimism and a positive state of mind.

There are many hypnosis programs that offer you positive suggestions for self confidence, but our program is more advanced and complete because it also focuses upon:

1. Training your mind to naturally become more positive during the exam

2. Resolving the worries of the past

3. Focusing upon a more positive state of mind

4. Naturally releasing old behaviors and overcoming self sabotage

5. Creating a successful, positive result


The program also contains specific support to:

  • Keep you self-motivated and focused upon your goals

  • Overcome your critical inner voice that believes you will fail

  • Practice positive test taking in advance of your exam

  • Experience yourself in a successful future


Why not use hypnosis to …

  • improve your concentration and focus during testing?

  • increase your self confidence and self assurance?

  • support your ability to successfully pass the test?

  • enjoy being amazingly focused during the test?

…or do you just want to feel better about yourself?

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