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What is Hypnosis?

  • Transformation occurs when your subconscious mind fills with positive beliefs and behaviors.

  • The strongest belief in your subconscious mind is the one you follow.

  • If your subconscious is filled with doubt, worry and a lack of self confidence, that's how you react to life.

  • If your subconscious is filled with positive, successful and empowered thoughts and feelings, that's how you respond to life.

Do You Live In The Tucson Region?


If you live in the Tucson area, we provide Arizona Hypnotherapy for individual sessions.

My Tucson office is located in a single story office building a block west of North Swan on Skyline Dr.

If you are like many of our clients, you live outside this area, in other states or countries.  No problem.  We offer phone or zoom sessions to fit your needs.

When it comes to hypnotherapy, we offer outstanding programs operated by dedicated, professional staff that are here to help you.

Wherever you live in the Tucson area or outside the region, we offer positive hypnosis support throughout the world and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.


Hello David,

I have lost 42 pounds since I started to see you in June, consistently at 1 to 2 pounds loss per week. I also stopped using most of my prescription meds, which I believe contributed substantially to my initially gaining weight. As you know, I am quite shy and I am not an attention seeker. When I get stopped in the hallways at work by my colleagues asking, 'Wow, how did you lose all the weight?' I tell them about the work I did with you and the power that hypnotherapy has given me over my life and my food choices." 

Thanks,      Leslie James (In my skinny red sweater)

Does Hypnotherapy Really Work?

The American Health Magazine completed research into this topic and concluded that for some behavioral issues:

  1. Psychoanalysis was approximately 38% effective after 600 sessions.

  2. Behavior Therapy was approximately 72% effective after 22 sessions

  3. Hypnotherapy was 93% effective after 6 sessions


The Magazine concluded that Hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious behavior patterns and become receptive to new habits and behaviors.  Therapy is essential to learn how and why issues arise, but many behaviors are then effectively treated with hypnosis.


“Hypnosis is one of the top four mind-body therapies practiced by Americans today.”

— Harvard Medical School.


“We are now producing evidence showing [hypnosis] can be significantly therapeutic. Studies have shown it to be highly effective as a tool for certain kinds of habit control. Hypnosis is safer than virtually any medication any of us doctors use.”

— David Spiegel, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine.


The Future of Hypnotherapy

by Dr. Daniel Amen


Throughout its history, hypnosis has gone through periods of acceptance and rejection. Hypnosis is now widely accepted and practiced. I doubt hypnosis will ever be rejected again. Sound medical research and the understanding of the brain are two of the many reasons why hypnosis is on a more secure path that it has ever been.


A Sept 14, 2003 Wall Street Journal headline read, "Hypnosis Goes Mainstream.  Major hospitals use trances for fractures, cancer, burs, speeding surgery recoveries.  The popularity of hypnosis will continue to rise".

"The popularity of hypnosis will continue to rise; hypnosis works quickly, the cost is inexpensive, the results are effective and long lasting, and there are positive, not negative, side effects.”

“Traditional therapy delves into your past and can take years to uncover every aspect of your issues.  Like peeling an onion, it focuses upon reliving events over and over again.  While it’s good to understand why you do something, going over it again and again may not bring real transformation of your issue.  Hypnotherapy is a rapid therapy that focuses upon what to do next. 


No need to devote years, even months, to this process.  Instead, hypnotherapy is very much about self-improvement and changing your life in a positive way right now."



Change Your Subconscious Blueprint and Become Free

 If you are wanting to create...

  • Positive habits and behaviors

  • Abundance for financial prosperity

  • Emotional, mental and physical health

  • Fulfilling relationships


And so much more...

So what's the secret?  It's simply this. 

If you don't understand the workings of your subconscious mind, you will spend years of frustration trying to overcome that which can't be overcome. 

Most people try to make changes with their conscious mind, but the problem (and the power) is in your subconscious mind. 

So it is vital to learn the workings of your subconscious mind.

You have Two Minds!  

Your conscious mind is your normal, waking state of consciousness.  It's the "you" that you know!  In this state of mind you plan, think about, organize, appreciate, feel and experience life.  It is the vehicle that is used to express your life in this level of reality.

The problem is that your Conscious mind is limited in power, focus and memory.


Your Amazing Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind has two functions.  Like the most amazing library ever, it holds the records of all your experiences, thoughts, memories, and wisdom.  Everything from your most amazing, happiest memories to the most terrifying, horrible ones. 


It's all there.  Your subconscious is always active, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, until the day you die.  It takes in 40 billion bits of information every second.  It beats your heart, pumps your blood, digests your food, fights infection, creates new cells, and so much more.  It literally is in charge of your existence. 

Perhaps you weren't aware that it constantly blocks sensations from your conscious awareness.  Like the feeling in your right foot, the saliva in your mouth, the temperature on your right cheek.  We have a multitude of sensations constantly occurring and are not even aware of them.  Until you have a hangnail, or a toothache, or a sore muscle.  


Then your subconscious makes you aware of it to take action and resolve the issue or the pain.  If it didn't block these stimulations then you be consciously overwhelmed and unable to function.  This is the function of a healthy subconscious mind.

However, and herein lies the problem, it also filters and reacts to everything you experience.  Everything that comes in through your senses is processed by your subconscious mind and you respond based upon your individual and unique experiences.  It reacts to everything you see, hear and feel immediately from its limited, programmed beliefs and behaviors.

It doesn't matter what you consciously want or how your wish to healthily respond, for your subconscious is concerned with survival and reacts how it feels is most appropriate.

Hypnosis for weight loss.jpg

Here's why this is a bad thing!

Your subconscious mind was created and programmed as you grew up.  For roughly the first 16 years of your life you operate mainly in a state of first theta then alpha consciousness.  In these states of mind you are extremely suggestible. 


These are also the states of mind we use for hypnosis.  All your experiences over this period of your life, both positive and negative, are recorded and create your subconscious beliefs about yourself and life. 


You should be getting an uncomfortable feeling about that statement, for who didn't encounter many negative, debilitating, hurtful, anxious moments growing up?  Even the things we didn't get like healthy support, love, encouragement, validation and more have a profound affect upon your life.  

All of this creates your core beliefs and behaviors.

By the time we reach 16 we are filled with self doubt, concern, and hidden wounds.  Imagine how many of your fellow high school students were healthily able to express and be their true, open, honest, authentic, vulnerable, empowered and loving selves?

Everyone experiences wounds and fears and negative programming that create our subconscious beliefs.

Your Subconscious Guardian

The other aspect of your subconscious mind is what I call your Guardian.  In addition to your vast library of experiences, beliefs and behaviors, you also have a powerful librarian - a Guardian - who is the defender and active supporter of your beliefs about who you are, what you deserve, and how life should be.

This Guardian actively suppresses anything that is out of its control like emotions and issues.  It uses food, alcohol, drugs, romance, experience and even spiritual pursuits to avoid feelings and fears.

Your Guardian is in charge of your life in many ways.  It is the part of your subconscious that sabotages your efforts to change and lead the life you deserve and desire.

hypnosis and health.jpg

The problem with Willpower

It becomes clear that willpower, as we know it, doesn't exist.  It is simply which part of you has the power.  If your subconscious agrees with what you consciously want, it allows it to happen.  If your subconscious doesn't agree with what you want, it sabotages, blocks or distracts you from achieving it.  

So the challenge becomes that of creating a healthier subconscious mind.

It is amazing how many people wish to transcend, ignore, push past, destroy, or forget about this part of their mind.  They will make vision boards, do affirmations, focus on positive images, and so much more as their subconscious parent ignores their desires.  

So this becomes our opportunity, to no longer try to use just our conscious mind to go on diets, change our habits, overcome fears and phobias, overcome addictions and create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.  We need to go to the level where the real power resides.

My job as a hypnotherapist is to wake you up from the negative trance states you are already in that control your life today. 


Most of which you aren't even aware of.  And that's the way your subconscious mind wants it.  It doesn't want you to question its actions or try to make changes.  You will discover that your Guardian views you and treats you like a child.  It is your internalized parent who thinks it know best how to run your life.  If its healthy the connection is collaborative and positive, when it's not the sabotage occurs.

Hypnosis by many names


Hypnosis simply means connecting with your subconscious mind.  At this level of awareness, you are very open and suggestible and can once again program the workings of you subconscious mind by instilling new healthy beliefs and behaviors.  

Hypnosis is not the only way to connect with your subconscious mind.  Prayer, guided and contemplative meditation, and so many more approaches contact the subconscious by using your theta and alpha states of awareness.  Most people don't realize that every time you watch a movie, read a novel, watch tv, play a video game, drive your car, think about the past, worry about the future, daydream, and so much  more you are in hypnosis! 


You are in a suggestible state of consciousness that either allows you to enjoy movies, video games, novels and tv but also has us feel and re-enact worries, fears and concerns of the future.  Anxiety is a fear of future hurt.  Depression a feeling of hopelessness projected into the future.  Yet in all these states for the most part nothing in reality is actually happening in the moment.

Driving your car it's called highway hypnosis when you are looking out the windshield yet your mind is thinking about something.  What you think about creates emotional responses that you also feel in your body as fear, anxiety, joy, happiness or whatever.  Yet nothing is happening to you in that car.  It's all in your mind, in your fantasy.  Nothing is actually real on that movie or tv screen, nothing is real in that novel, or on that video game.  Most of our anxieties, depressions and other debilitating states of consciousness are not actually happening in that present moment.  

Of course the results of your behaviors are real and do create situations that can be horrible and demeaning, but the point is that we allow our past worries, issues and fears perpetuate a state that holds us back.  That keeps us from changing what we think and feel about ourselves and our situation. 

This is what we work on.  Changing at a subconscious level old beliefs, behaviors and habits to overcome your challenges.  In most cases, it is ourselves that hold our life hostage.  And in every case having a healthy subconscious mind improves the quality of your life.

Healthy Man.jpg

5 Burning Questions About Hypnosis...

Question #1: Is hypnosis natural?

Hypnosis is one of the most natural, healthy and common states of mind. It is a focus of attention.  In fact, you are in hypnosis or trance states throughout the day without even realizing it. 

Question #2: Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

No! These trance states are perfectly natural and you can't get stuck in hypnosis. 

Question #3: Is hypnosis safe?

Yes.  It is a positive way to change what you want in your life.


Question #4: Are hypnosis and meditation the same thing?

They use a similar brain wave but meditation is a state of emptiness and hypnosis is a state of filling the mind with positive new beliefs and behaviors.  You will find meditation far easier after you have a quieter, healthier subconscious mind.

Question #5: How is this different than Affirmations and Positive Thinking?

The real question is what state of mind are you in when you do affirmations and positive thinking?  In hypnosis affirmations are incredibly powerful.  It's not really positive thinking at this level of the mind, more life positive reinforcement.

Your Amazing Imaginative Mind…


Look, hypnosis can be defined in many different ways, and when you read several websites you will discover that everyone has their own definition.  I like to think of it in simple terms.  The fact is that your mind becomes more open to accepting what you hear or see as real may times during the day without you even knowing about it.  I call this state of mind the Imaginative Mind.  

When you watch television, read a book watch a movie in a theater, listen to music, play video games, drive in your car or simply daydream positive or negative visions; your mind is in this Imaginative state of mind.  You tend to believe what you hear and see.  If you are really focused upon what you are experiencing, the state deepens.

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