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       Are You Struggling with Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Bad Habits or Fears?


At Tucson Hypnosis I will coach, guide and support you to overcome self sabotage and limiting thoughts that cause you to feel frustrated and powerless. 

Isn't it time to finally find your passion, power and purpose?

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I offer a Free Personal Breakthrough Consultation Session in my Tucson office or by phone/Zoom to create a crystal clear vision forward.  After this free consultation you will understand how and why your issues often control your life and cause you pain.

Many choose my program of 8 sessions with a bonus program of one session follow-up every 4 months for a total of 12 sessions.  Essentially 6 months of support with unlimited email support.  

This is not therapy, for together we go on this journey of self discovery.  I promise to use all my skills and knowledge to help you actively create the life you wish to live and achieve your dreams.

Tucson Life Coaching and Hypnosis Programs


4525 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 114

Tucson, AZ  85718

All Integrated Programs use Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Counseling and other Modalities


Together I will guide you to...

1.  Embrace the Plan and Process for your success
2.  Keep you on track and focused to avoid being stuck
3.  Overcome self doubt and self-sabotage

I have been on this journey as well, so I will help you avoid further pain and guide you forward toward an empowered, joyous, more fulfilling life.

All Tucson Hypnotherapy in-person sessions are done in my office at 
4525 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 114, Tucson, AZ, 85718 

For all my clients who live outside the Tucson area, we successfully use Phone/Zoom sessions for your sessions.  All sessions are individual and personalized for you as you always receive an mp3 version of your session for home use.

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What our Clients have to say...


Hi David,

I hope this email finds you feeling blessed and thankful.  Thank you so much for all that you have guided me to do over the last ten months. I am more peaceful, thankful, satisfied, joy filled and happy than I have ever been in my life. I am so excited about the future yet fully living in the present and completely disconnected from the hurts of my past. I thank you for the way you have chosen to live your life and the choice to help others live a life worth living and giving. I know for a fact in my life and I am sure many others that you have made a positive difference for many generations to come and helped me change the outcome and Destiny of my entire life.  Thanks again,  Bob E,   Sacramento, CA             More here...

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Greenwood Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

WA License #HP60519284

CH  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

MA  Counseling Psychology

CPC Certified Professional Coach

MS  Science

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Ready to Experience the Benefits of Personal Transformation? 

First it is Essential to Discover then Successfully  Eliminate the Self Sabotage That Holds You Back 


In this 30-45 minute free consultation you will:

  • Identify your main objective

  • Discover what is holding you back

  • Create a plan to achieve your dreams

  • Ignite a sense of hope and optimism

My goal is to offer you the best hypnotherapy in Tucson.  Experience how our Tucson hypnosis and life coaching programs help you find peace, happiness and fulfillment

Please watch this 2 minute video to learn more about hypnosis



1.  We offer a Premium Integrated Program to resolve your issues at a discounted rate over individual sessions.  You decide which works best for you - pay as you go or special program reduced pricing.

2.  Premium Programs include hypnosis, motivational sessions, videos, audios, home exercises, phone support and take about 3-4 months to complete

3.  I am your guide by your side form every step of the way with constant email support

4.  My main focus is always on you achieving your goals

5.  All sessions are individual and conducted with me.  I am a licensed, certified Hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience, an MA in Counseling Psychology and a certified Professional Life Coach

Greenwood Life Coaching and Hypnosis for Tucson

The address is 4525 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 114, Tucson, AZ  85718.

From the South:

Coming north on Swan, turn left onto Skyline.  Entrance to the one story office building is just a short block away on the right. 


Traveling east on Skyline we are the first left just beyond N. Pontatoc Rd.


Enter the Executive Suites at the far end of the building and follow hallway to Greenwood Hypnotherapy, Suite 114.

Radio Interview, How Does Hypnosis Help You?    Part 1

 Radio Interview, What Changes Can You Expect?  

Part 2

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2

"David's program has been exceptional for me.  His system has helped me address core beliefs about self respect and self worth that I have struggled with throughout my life.  I listen to the audio's he made for me on a daily basis.  Gradually over time I have made changes but like many things in life it takes practice and persistence.  For me the changes did not happen over night.  Over the last few months of consistently listening to his individualized CD's there has been marked improvement in my sense of self worth and self esteem. 

If you struggle with any sort of self-sabotage or any subconscious problems I strongly suggest giving David a call.   He is easy going and was really helpful.  Aside from the long-term benefits of continually listening to the cds, the actual experience of going into David's office is relaxing and I immediately felt better after each session."   

Dean M.,  Orangevale, CA

Young Businesswomen

Essentials of the Individual Programs

Our exclusive, personalized Programs provide you with the essential tools to realize your ultimate dreams

  • Fifty-minute Hypnosis and Coaching Sessions to achieve your goals

  • Each session includes an mp3 Audio Recording of your session for your at-home usage

  • Motivational Audio that allow you to reinforce your success on daily basis

  • Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-track and eliminate self sabotage

  • Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation

  • Weekly Email updates and ongoing assistance

  • Assorted Websites, Articles, Books and Exercises for continual encouragement

  • One-on-one focused support by email

  • Advanced processes for inner growth and as needed

  • Journaling and Dialoguing with your inner parts

  • Learning Tapping to reinforce your program

  • Specific techniques for individual programs for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Relationships, Self Improvement and others

  • And more...


Each Program may take as little as 2-3 months and up to 6 months to complete.  You are in charge of how fast you complete your program.  You can complete it with office visits, online or by phone/Zoom.


During your free Personal Transformation Consultation we will review your needs and the three programs to determine which will best help you to achieve your goals.

Individual sessions are $95/hour session, but I also create programs for you that reduce that rate to about $65/hr.  Programs are for those of you committed to success.  They help you stay motivated, focused and lead to greater success as you stay on track and overcome the self-sabotage that will try and stop you from completing your goals.


After completing your Create an Amazing You Gold Program, you may wish to continue your Personal Growth by focusing on the deeper program for Spiritual Awareness to Awaken in the Now.

Learn more about our Premium Green and Purple Programs

that focus upon deeper opportunities for self growth and spiritual awakening at:

Programs for Transformation

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Our Tucson Transformational Programs offer three levels of support to help you achieve your goals

Premium Gold Program 1 - Create an Amazing You

In this program you create a healthier subconscious mind to achieve your goals. Whether it's feeling better, being healthier, having more energy, coming alive, finding a more centered and peaceful life, this module is the foundation of creating a healthy self.

Premium Green Program 2 - Enjoy Emotional Freedom

In this program you build upon feeling more in control to resolve older, deeper issues that still affect your daily life. Whether it's resistance to healthy relationships, self confidence about success, or healing wounded inner parts, this module releases deeper concerns so that you continue to create a life of healthy emotional maturity.

Premium Purple Program 3 - Authentic Self in the Now

In this program you explore the benefits of living life in the NOW.  How it affects your spiritual perspective and leads to a quiet, contemplative mind from which you take charge of your life.  Like the eye of a storm, you are calm, centered and peaceful.  When you need to respond you do so, appropriately and confidently.  This module also connects you with your own Authentic Self, giving you the ability to move through life from a whole new perspective.

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