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What is Tucson Hypnosis for Women?

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Yes, there are both obvious and subtle differences between men and women when doing hypnotherapy.  None of these differences are always present, since each client is truly a unique individual and cannot always be categorized into a group when it comes to personal growth.

Over the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to work with many women and men and estimate that roughly 20% of the women who come in for hypnosis wish to work on being more emotionally present. 

The remaining 80% are very much in touch with their emotional nature and wish to find ways to overcome being ruled by their feelings. A general statement of this is that men often need to get in touch with their emotions while women need to regain balance by being in control of theirs.

I know many of you may feel more comfortable working with a woman.  Many women have found though that working with a man that they can trust and freely express themselves with can be extremely beneficial for their healing and self confidence.  Over the last 20 years I have helped many women and men despite their unique issues and outlook on life.  Come in for your free consultation to learn more and see how easy and relaxing the hypnosis experience can be.

 How does hypnosis help women?

With this as an overall possibility, hypnosis for women takes on the focus of wanting to become more balanced and feeling equal to anyone. Boosting self confidence and self esteem helps these women to feel more empowered, comfortable and deserving of success.  Again, for some this is not an issue at all, and we always focus on the individual and her needs.  Still, while discussing the differences between using hypnosis for men and women it comes down to the underlying negative resistance that needs to be addressed. So from this place lets discuss some of the major benefits of using hypnosis.

First we focus on what you want to accomplish.  The list of issues we work with is below.  Then we determine what resistance lies within your subconscious mind that sabotages your efforts to change. After that we target specific areas that you want to improve, and how you want to feel in this new place.  With this in mind we use hypnosis while focusing upon two levels of positive growth.  One is upon the symptoms you wish to alter.  Whether its food, alcohol, smoking, drugs or another issue that create within you anxiety, depression, obsessions or other emotional concerns. 

The other is upon creating within you self confidence, self worth, joy and success.  Hypnosis anchors into your subconscious mind this healthy belief in yourself and your ability to change your life forever.  When you create in your subconscious mind a positive state of being, everything changes for the better.  It supercharges both your healthy subconscious and conscious mind that allows you to positively change your life forever.


As hypnosis builds within you a strong, positive belief in yourself and your ability to change your life forever, you discover that old issues like distraction. avoidance and self sabotage that once held you back begin to fade way.  Now you begin to expect success.  You realize that it is just a matter of time before you naturally express the life you wish to live.  A new, truly empowered you emerges.  As you fill your subconscious mind with positive ideas and behaviors, you discover your real, true nature.  A new you comes into focus, and you feel more powerful, confident and successful.

The old programming that once sabotaged your efforts for success disappear, and from this new, healthy place you continue to create a new way of living.  Everything seems more clear as life becomes more joyous.  Things just change for the better as you change in a positive way.  As you listen to your hypnosis session you begin to feel a freedom, a lightness within, able to experience life in a new, positive way.

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How does living in the Now help you feel better?

Once you are able to feel more balanced and in control, living in the present moment, in the Now, becomes natural.  From this place your mind naturally begins to quiet as you lose that old, self sabotaging, critical inner voice.  No longer does this resistive part of project into the future the worries, negative beliefs and programming of the past.  Living in the Now means not only having a quieter mind, but also responding rather than reacting to life's situations and challenges.

You discover that you can use your analytical, logical mind to plan, discuss and focus on the future you do deserve and desire, but then come back to that balanced, peaceful sense of self.  You truly become the eye of the storm, no longer buffeted about by the swirling winds of despair and confusion, but instead respond to live from a thoughtful, yet emotionally joyous place.

Old, negative inner programming needed to survive comes into harmonious union based upon what you determine is necessary.  This is true control, when control is no longer needed as it just emerges naturally from a healthier way of being.  When you are no longer afraid of living or expressing your true nature all pretenses and anxieties fade away.

This is the benefit of living in the Now, enjoying life in the present moment. 


You forgive the past and learn from it.  Old guilts and concerns disappear as hypnosis helps you to focus upon then create the life you want to life in the present moment.   Others actions or desires no longer cause you to lose that self control as you now know that you are equal to anyone.  That everyone has the right to say and express what they want but you have an equal right to do what you want.  You can agree or disagree and there is no guilt or shame in that.  If you wish to do something different from another's wishes you do so without fear of having to conform. 

Of course you do it in a kind, loving way.  But self love accepts that tough love is sometimes necessary.  You become aware how you were programmed to become a victim, to do what others wished instead of following your own heart, not aware of how this would later affect your life.  How those experiences created your Inner Core Beliefs that gave rise to your own, unique inner blueprint.  This wounded blueprint became a powerful force within you that compelled you to react to life in that way, oftentimes being very dis-empowering for you.  With this old way of living you were removed form experiencing life in the present moment.

But as everything shifts those old ways of being fade away.  When you focus instead on what you want to become, they lose their power as you lock within your now healthy subconscious mind a new, joyous way of living. And you begin to walk on this new path, one your will explore with joy and wonder the rest of your life.

Is hypnosis for women different in other ways?

Speaking from my own experience over the last 15 years women come in for weight loss more than men.  They also seem to need to stop smoking less than men, but unfortunately as the rate of women who smoke increases that may change.   In other areas they are similar to men.  Anxieties, sexual issues, grief, career concerns, and IBS are just some of those.  Women do seem to come in more for some phobias such as a fear of public speaking, flying, driving, going over bridges. More seem to want to end biting or picking their fingernails.  Regardless, hypnosis addresses the issues in similar ways as men.  

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Our Hypnosis for Women program is available in our Tucson office and by phone/Zoom

We offer a free consultation for you to learn more.  Click on the Hypnosis session button below and schedule your free hypnosis consultation today.


Hypnosis helps women to resolve their feelings of divorce

This program is designed for women to feel better after divorce.

You have been through a traumatic experience.  One that triggers both emotional and physical trauma, not to mention mental stress on a significant scale.  It is only natural that you are feeling lost, demoralized and fighting feelings of anger or unworthiness.

This trauma will affect every aspect of your life including both personal and business life.  It will affect the way you connect with your children, if you have any, your friends, your family, even strangers.  You have to know that these reactions are normal and natural.  They might make you feel irrational, even doubting your sanity, but however disabling this time is, realize there is nothing wrong with you.

With time, you might move on, but not before the scars and negative programming has severely affected your inner reality.

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In order to avoid this, we have created a hypnosis program to release, resolve and move on free from guilt, worry and anger.  To embrace the change that occurs and heal as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, old negative programming is undoubtedly triggered as well, adding a layer of distrust, worry and fear that retards your ability to rationally deal with your present day situation.

The process we use is designed to overcome all this by simply supporting a new way of thinking, a new way of responding to life.  It helps you to create a new path that releases old wounds and helps you to heal the current ones associated with your divorce.

Yes, you may suffer and yes, it could feel like the end of the world.  But you will survive and not only move through this phase more rapidly, but also begin the process of healing old wounds that sabotage your efforts for health and happiness.

Hypnosis is a powerful ally in your quest for a happier, healthier life.  Give yourself the opportunity to successfully create a new and better chapter that starts now.

Hypnosis sessions available for you now in my Bellevue office.  Please select the  link below if you wish to come in for a free half hour consultation to learn more. 

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