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Mystical UFOs and Your Reality

Today we're going to talk about mystical UFOs and reality. Those are all very interesting and controversial topics that require some deep insight, some understanding of your own mind. Understanding the conditioning of your subconscious mind and how it creates reality is so important as you move forward.

These topics of UFOs, mysticism and your subconscious mind are both challenging and controversial, yet fascinating. Let's explore each of these three and start with UFOs. We’ve all seen UFOs, for these are simply unidentified flying objects. We see many objects in the sky and really don't know what they are. Perhaps they are planes, or flocks of birds up high, or perhaps the brightest object in the sky after the sun and moon, the planet Venus. Maybe we see a meteor. It can be anything that’s unidentified because we're not sure what it is.

But these really aren’t the issue, for what most people associate as UFOs are flying saucers, triangles or other weird shaped objects, something from another world. Now, I have not personally seen anything that I think is extraterrestrial. Unlike the last episode where I talked about some of the psychic experiences and phenomena I have experienced myself. So many reports throughout history, not just in the last hundred years, but going back to ancient times of gods and alien beings from other planets, have mentioned or eluded to encounters with such objects and beings. There is a lot of information out there.

Until recently I've always taken a lot of these reports with a grain of salt and none have ever really cause me to focus too much upon them. Recently, however, that’s changed. I first saw on the History Channel’s show, Unidentified, what later everyone saw on the news. The Navy released and acknowledged the existence of videos showing their jets encountering objects while on training exercises in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

These videos that the F-18 fighter pilots attached to the carrier groups made me sit up and take notice. I saw the video of the radar just what the pilots saw and described. What I saw was something I had never seen before. These objects maneuvered and accelerated in way that I would have thought impossible. The first one descended from about 50,000 feet to sea level in a matter of seconds and would turn at high speeds right angles, then accelerate out of sight leaving the jets behind as if they were toys. Scientists that have studied the videos have calculated the objects would have felt several thousand g-forces which would have turned any humans piloting the craft into jelly. They called them tic-tacs because although the size of their planes, they looked like large tic-tac breathe mints.

Many have speculated as to what they are. Some think another government has made an astounding, life changing breakthrough into a new physics of anti-gravity and hypersonic speeds without any propulsion mechanism. Others are convinced that they are extraterrestrial, or that some advanced group of people live among us, or that they come from another dimension, or the future, or, whatever?

Whatever they are, they will change our perception of both physics and our reality. And what is equally interesting for me and why I mention our reality with UFOs, is that seeing such objects had two entirely different affect upon the pilots who witnessed them. One group of pilots were eager to share what they had experienced. They were convinced these either represented a huge security risk for us or something even more amazing.

The History Channel’s show, Unidentified, explored the group of amazing individuals who became at the forefront of helping the pilots get our government to start exploring these objects and led to the Navy and Air Force opening up a way for their aviators to finally report all these sightings instead of being laughed at and forced to remain silent. This led to the government opening up a new investigation into how they have dealt with UFOs in the past and might even uncover some covert operations in that area that have long been denied.

Who knows where it will lead? But the fascinating reaction of the pilots is a telling example of our view of reality. The first Navy F-18 pilot who first was able to visually observe this object was associated with the carrier USS Nimitz off the coast of San Diego in 2004. They were commencing a training exercise when the radar operator for the carrier group informed them that the objects they had been tracking for the last few days at around 50,000 feet seemed to be descending into the area of the carrier group. The jets were sent to investigate where they had disappeared off the radar.

They circled the area and noticed that the water below them showed the same kind of disturbance like a seamount would make where the waves were breaking up over an object just below the waves. As they watched, the object later called a Tic Tac shot out of the water and moved up to their level of about 20000 feet in seconds. It then flew near them and between the jets, but they could catch up with the object as it easily out-maneuvered them.

Eventually they had to refuel and another couple F-18s were sent up. The first pilot told the next one to keep an eye out for something strange up there. The next pilot was able to find it on radar and videotaped the radar image of it. This is what you see on the video, the second pilots capturing it with the auto-tracking radar. After a few seconds you see it accelerate and disappear in a burst of speed, again leaving the jets behind. When this pilot returned, he was met by some Air Force men, which was strange on a Navy ship, who were there to remove all the flight date and video tape.

Here’s where it gets interesting from a reality perspective. This pilot, who videotaped the Tic Tac that displayed unheard of abilities, never said a word about it publicly for over 15 years. When he finally decided to comment on the encounter, he said that he had been asked to do a job – video the object, which he did – then return it to the ship. Which he did. And he stated that he never thought about it again. He did his job then moved on.

Can you imagine seeing something like this Tic Tac which defied the very laws of physics which each pilot knows so well, and then put away all this as if it didn’t matter? During the interview he seemed to not give it much thought at all. I can’t imagine encountering something that altered your reality and then forget about it. This is what I want to explore. How anyone can have such an enormous amount of denial to simply let that encounter go.

When you think about it though, don’t we do the same thing in more subtle ways? How your subconscious mind is trying its best to organize data and understand the world to keep you safe and not allow questions about reality to distract you from what you do know and need to understand in order to remain sane and in control?

Your subconscious mind puts things in boxes of understanding to create your reality. That pilot’s reality was that he did his job just like ordered and what he experienced did not fit any of those boxes of his know reality. He did the best he could to just put aside and not have to deal with it again or worry about it until it came up later. Imagine the amount of denial that we all have within us, of course on maybe lesser topics, but still you will forget things that don’t fit what you believe.

Look at religious, political, scientific, and other ways of seeing reality? Don’t people fight like their very lives depended upon them being proven correct in how they view their beliefs? Can you see that these beliefs are just that, beliefs, and may not have any real foundation in truth. Our reality can be very misleading. people can be presented with amazing information or experiences and find that you forget about it you just don't follow through with it.

I work with many clients who begin to see breakthroughs as to how they think and feel. Their confidence levels increase, they see relationships in a new way and immediately their old subconscious conditioning comes in and shuts them down and doesn't want to go any farther. I have to remind them that you this was going to happen when you try to change your deeply held, but often flawed, beliefs about yourself and reality. Your conditioned mind it doesn't like changing reality because it's often desperately holding on to keeping control over how you think and feel.

When that Navy Pilots subconscious mind rejected reality, it is the very same for you and me. We can reject truth in order to preserve our reality. When you hear the reasons for why the government isn't letting out information about UFOs it usually includes such fears as causing widespread panic because of religious and social beliefs would be challenged. It’s all fear based. I am all for learning the truth, deal with it and move on. Denial never works in the long run, because of neuroses it causes creates within us irrational and disturbing thoughts.

I'm hoping that someday soon we discover what these Tic Tacs and other objects really are. When we do, our view of life will change. It’s going to be amazing to experience this jump in reality.

Nature also challenges our subconscious beliefs. We like to think the world is a safe, know place. Not always. We live on a crust that is constantly moving about an inch a year as the plates slide across the mantle. The crust we live upon is usually only 30 miles thick, much thinner near the ocean, and below that is molten rock. Still feeling safe and secure? Ok, supervolcanoes erupt about every 60,000 years, asteroids collide with an impact to disrupt life every 100,000 years, and so on. Our limited view of reality is not based upon truth, but illustrates how fragile and erroneous it’s beliefs really are.

The same can be said about mysticism. There are many mystical things that we avoid, some I discussed in my last episode, but I can assure you that something is there that we don’t understand. We oppose the mystical in the same way. It doesn’t fit with our understanding of life. Look at the topic of our local legends, Sasquatch. I have recently heard some things on tape that if I heard at night in the wilderness, I would be looking for shelter.

Now, I have never seen one myself, but an interesting twist is that more and more now the reports of Sasquatch are often associated with glowing orbs or lights. I didn’t realize that Sasquatch have been sighted in nearly every state in the union. Really? But then why has there never been one skeleton found in all these years. They are also found around the world, like the yeti of the Himalayas. Perhaps they come through the lights from another dimension and then return. Who knows?

All I know is that life is so much more amazing than any of us can even begin to perceive. I have also experienced how my own subconscious had me shut down to some experiences when it seemed to run counter to my beliefs and what it thought was more important to focus my attention upon. When I became trained as a scientist, I learned how necessary it is to be open to alternate and conflicting theories and hypotheses. Often to not be forced into a conclusion and just let it unfold with observation and patience. Science is more and more talking about different paradigms, different dimensions, multi universes. Are ghosts just entities from other dimensions? Who knows? Again, all I know is that there's amazing things out there and the more open you are the more likely you will come closer to learning the truth. Just as importantly we need to not scorn people who belief other than we do. Look at the reactions to those who have seen UFOs? Most never want to talk about it out of fear of scorn and derision. Now people are coming out as thousands and thousands discuss their sightings and such become more common.

When there is scorn and derision, I can guarantee that it’s caused by fear. This comes your conditioned mind that is terrified that those things they or others saw might have been real. So observe how your own mind might leap to reject what others say or belief. These are teaching moments for us all that will allow us to come closer to truth. We need free thinkers that open us up to new concepts and ideas.

It’s more important to understand yourself than to even learn more about the things you perceive. Yes, UFOs, Sasquatch and psychic phenomena or whatever you study might be important and useful, but the most important lesson is to learn how you perceive reality. Together let’s continue on this journey to delve into the amazing mysteries that surround us all. We don’t have to look far, we just have to look within. When we do, what is around us all the time will become amazing clearer.

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