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What is the Benefit of Living Your Life in the Now?

Let’s explore the benefits of living your life in the now. How it affects your relationships, your career, how it affects your daily life. After all, why would you want to do it? We talked about this in the other video on living life in the now. So, let’s dive deeper into some specifics about what it would be like to move into Now Consciousness.

For I think it’s time for us all to become Modern Mystics. A modern Mystic is someone who is living life in the present moment as well as successfully fulfilling the tasks of daily life. Able to walk in both worlds while you are still connected to spiritual realities. To know when it's appropriate to be thinking, to be busy to be doing your life and then to move into the now moment.

When it comes to specific benefits imagine how it will affect your daily life. When you feel connected to the joy of being alive, to be filled with gratitude no matter your circumstances, for this connection helps you to bring positive changes into your life. It creates a sense of wanting to take better care of your body. To eat well, to exercise, to enjoy being alive in body. Too often our conditioned, resistive subconscious mind has us focus on doubts, worries and concerns and we overeat, drink or take drugs in response to this stress. From this healthier state of mind, you discover that you just naturally turn your back on the old habits and take better care of yourself, honoring who you are and what you're capable of becoming.

Being a Modern Mystic allows you to see the challenges of romantic relationships in a new light. Relationships will trigger our deepest fears, our deepest issues. They do not only bring to us our soulmates, but also our wound mates. The joy of moving through old issues and more deeply connecting with your partner is an amazing journey. As you explore this new way of being you will make a lot of mistakes, but seeing life in this new way, as lessons for growth as well as joyous connection, teaches you lessons of great value that benefits both you and the world.

You naturally draw to you these lessons. You don’t need some outside Universal force to do this for you. You naturally draw them to you, for you aren’t a victim to life either. Remembering that we are drawn into relationships for a reason or a season or a lifetime. We enter into them as if it's going to last a lifetime, but it might just be for a reason. You might both have something valuable to learned from it. With this expanded awareness your relationships feel entirely different. This allows you to move through them from a constant state of growth with an intelligent state of mind.

Being a Modern Mystic also allows you to see relationships not just as an amazing connection with friends and loved ones, but also as positive opportunities for self-growth. You discover that you no longer are triggered by what people do. When you're in the moment with a healthy ego you find that things just don't bother you the way that they used to anymore.

When someone says something, it used to trigger old beliefs and wounds within you. You might get angry or hurt by what is said, even if that person hadn’t intended to have you feel that way. This is what it’s like to be triggered by someone. When you are in the moment you discover more and more often that you no longer react that way. You respond with healthier words or actions.

You also begin to see clearly who the person is you're talking to and what they really want or mean to say. Sometimes they need your understanding, other times your guidance, or sometimes they just need to be listened to or heard.

Having a dialogue being in this Now Consciousness changes everything about your life: friendships, romantic relationships, business relationships. Imagine you're a manager and you have all these personalities to deal with and feel overwhelmed how to respond. From this healthier state of mind, you begin to see people for who they really are: a combination of this amazing spiritual being, wounded inner parts and the ego that I call their Guardian part.

It is essential in any moment to aware of who's talking you’re talking to. If that person is coming from their younger, wounded self the conversation is entirely different than that of their resistive ego. With these new eyes you see people in a whole new way, which is so much more intelligently than ignorantly lumping people into categories or your prejudiced beliefs.

From this new reality you see that we are all connected, that fundamentally we all want the same things. It goes beyond race, religion, sex, beliefs and all those divisive labels we once so inefficiently and incorrectly used. You also learn how to empower people and not let them become victim to you or themselves. Being stuck as a victim is a terrible imposition upon another human being. This disempowering feeds right into their wounded ego which wants to take the easy way of having you just feel sorry and do everything for them. This not only robs them of self-esteem but crystalizes the ego, making it harder to later overcome.

When you become a Modern Mystic, you help others move into a place of hope and joy. You help them see the way ahead that they now discover for themselves. You can help others find the path but they get to walk along it. Of course, you might find that change happens gradually. You decide how fast you want to transform.

As you begin to take control of your mind, you discover the old racial fears created by our wounded and imperfect upbringing begin to burn away in the flame of this healthy attention, this creativity, this joy that comes from naturally being in the moment. Yes, it does help to heal the old wounded ego for work needs to be done to make it sane. As you do you see your own issues in a new light that both transforms your relationships but also has a positive effect upon your career.

You can imagine the healthier you is not going to want you to be stuck in a dead-end career. You feel the natural focus to discover how to grow in your current situation. Sometimes you discover that you no longer fit into this old framework and you realize it’s time to move onto something new and better. A job or career that reflects your own unique talents and abilities. There's a part within you that is waiting to emerge as you find what you really love to do that draws to you the next step in your growth. You are meant to be moving forward as your life can be so much more amazing when you connect with this Presence that is always there, just waiting for you to open up to it.

This is what it means to be a modern Mystic, to live in this world and bring transformation into your relationships, your health, your career, and so much more. You weren't meant to be in a dead-end job listening to people complain or bosses berate you. You discover that you can move forward one step at a time when you move beyond the old resistive subconscious programming. No longer will you feel less than anyone for we are united as one.

At one time in the Big Bang we were all one, and not matter how far the galaxies spread apart or how many light years keep us apart, at one time all the subatomic particles that make up “you” were connected in a unified field of quantum entanglement. If you study quantum physics you learn how quantum entanglement means that whatever happens to a particle that has “entangled” with another will affect the other, no matter how vast the distance between them. On a grand scale we were all once one, and in this quantum field what happens to one happens to us all, whether we sense it or not. You brain operates like a quantum computer, sensing and feeling and connecting with others in this vastness. What you put out into this quantum universe connects with similar quantum elements and you continuously create your reality.

The key is to be the one healthily in control over this, otherwise your wounded, imperfect, sometimes irrational subconscious mind will do it for you. As the saying goes, “It does you no good to act less than who you really are”, for when you abdicate your power your ego will step in and take control.

Regardless of whether we understand the vastness of quantum experience, you don’t need to fully understand it to enjoy life in the Now. No one fully understands everything about our own sun, yet you can experience its warmth and benefits right now. You don’t need another to experience Oneness. You don’t even have to be emotionally healthy to do so, although it does help. Otherwise, your wounded ego will pull you back to familiar patterns of behavior.

Discover for yourself what it’s like to live life in the Now. Discover for yourself how it feels to move into Oneness. Discover for yourself the incredible benefits of a quiet mind. No one can do it for you. What I can do is help you remove what’s blocking you from doing so and to inspire you with words and experiences that paint the picture of life in the now. In truth, words fail when I try to tell you how amazing this experience is. Remember, this has nothing to do with me personally. It’s not my way of seeing, my religion or my creation.

Being a Modern Mystic means approaching life with a humility of understanding that ego has no place in this Presence. That we are all equal, all one. This is what it’s like to live your life in the now. Full of magic, mystical experiences and practical daily life experiences.

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