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When the Universe Calls, Do You Answer?

In this blog, we're going to reveal how often the universe is calling but you may not have recognized who's on the other end. Do you answer it? Do you even know the universe is calling you? Your life in the now is designed to help you understand the deeper mysteries of practical spirituality that are often all around you but you may not even be aware of them. What does it mean to say that the universe is calling but don’t expect to see a caller ID? Perhaps some time in the past you might have felt connected to something more than you, something that inspired and motivated within you a spiritual awakening or deeper understanding of life. Let's explore how these experiences affected your life and whether they had a permanent impact on your life. You know how your powerful subconscious habit patterns try to take your life back to old habits, old ways of being so that you not only forget about these moments of awakening but how your subconscious buries them out of fear. Think about your experiences. Let’s start when you were younger. We have discussed what John Bradshaw made famous by calling our youngest part our inner child. It’s the younger part of you about 3 years to 5 years old, right around that time frame when you're open, loving, vulnerable, even creative. This time is magical. If you have children of your own you understand how your children see the world from a whole different perspective and their imaginations are incredible. They have imaginary friends and what they believe are real. What experiences might you have had during this phase of your life that might have been magical and amazing? I can remember trip at the time I was 3 years old to Disneyland. Back when Disneyland was shiny and new. Even then they had the jungle ride, Dumbo and others. Not such a bad way to start my life! Maybe you remember times when you started Elementary School. How did you feel when you were young? Was it joyous or difficult? Many of my clients had horrible early lives and had to overcome so much. Other’s had amazing lives with just a few challenges. If you were fortunate you had parents who did a pretty good job and who really did care about you. Keep in mind that it's very easy to go back in the past and judge people without being aware of how programmed we all are by the past. Recently I have seen people harshly judging others in the past because of the way they thought or the culture that was in existence. While there are serious cases of abuse and crimes, most were really ignorant or vaguely aware of their situation. For many they are like fish swimming in water. They don’t see the water because they are living in it. In many cases it’s a waste of time to judge others for old programming. Yes, today such environmental, sociological and other challenges seem pretty cut and dry. It appears obvious that the people of the past just didn’t care, think it through or were criminal in their behavior. But consider this, nearly everyone living today will be judged by future generations on today’s mistakes. You can imagine them saying, “How could you subject your children to your habits like smoking, drugs and alcohol? How could you fly in airplanes that totally pollute the environment more than your car ever did? How can you use disposable containers that ended up floating in the ocean in a slurry the size of Texas?” And on and on. We talked about the people that have died from smoking and drinking and diet - over 1.3 million people every year. I guarantee the same people today that judge the people of today are probably involved with at least one of those issues, and perhaps many more. It’s far healthier to instead focus on our own issues. Do what you can about your present-day life. Yes, of course learn from the past, then move on. It’s a waste energy and worse, an excuse, to continue your own negative behaviors. Let’s move on and focus upon a later time in your childhood, around the third or fourth grade. Perhaps during this phase of your life, you had an encounter that had a magical quality to it. Or perhaps you had an expansion of your awareness that comes from self-reflection. I remember having a in the third grade when I was holding a door open for kids coming back from recess. For some reason at that moment I realized someday in the future that I would remember holding the door, feeling a connection, an awareness of my possible future self. I think all of us have such moments of self-awareness. They are a natural result of the awakening of self-reflection. In that moment I was aware of being a part of something beyond me, something I couldn't understand, but could feel. That memory is still very real because it was so intense for me. I would guess you have moments like that as well. Or maybe in junior high or the high school something happened that was inspirational. Maybe you didn't even understand it or tried to dismiss it. Those first 16 years of your life are very suggestible, and along the way nearly everybody develops a new awareness, an insight. Now I do have clients who don’t remember their past, for their subconscious is protecting them from bad memories. What clients discover is that as adults now, what once seemed so overwhelming for a child is more easily processed from this older perspective, which frees clients up to release old issues and focus on living their lives now. Whether or not you experienced something beyond yourself, something authentically magical or not, what is important is that now you open up once again or learn for the first time to experience and capture that feeling of something beyond you. You can put it into your own spiritual context, your religion or your non-belief, whatever it is. My own scientific and spiritual perspective allowed me to pursue these experiences. At 13 I also became interested other forms of spirituality like reincarnation and karma. I read books by Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and other people. I even had a few psychic experiences that lasted one summer which were not always wonderful. As a result, I learned that you have to be careful when playing around with something you don’t understand. Still, they helped me to see that what really mattered was a more spiritual perspective. Everything changed for me then and I was drawn to other teachers. At 18 I was drawn to different books and happened to pick up a book by J Krishnamurti on what I thought was going to be a book on various Eastern ideas of reincarnation, Masters of the East, etc. What I discovered was a book written by an amazing person who offered questions about our minds and understanding yourself and not being programmed by old beliefs and behaviors. About learning what your mind really is and taking right action. I never thought about these before. Never thought to question the very process of thoughts. What he discussed was foreign to me. One day I was reading a book of his discussions with students and he was discussing the process of thought. I won’t go into it too much here but this led to what was to be my first spiritual experience that helped open me up to a whole new way of seeing the world and life. Yet even though I had that experience I found that a part of me tried to ignore it, to move away from what I had experienced. I was 19 years old. That part of me didn't want to just focus on spiritual transformation. That part of me wanted to enjoy life, travel with friends, go water and snow skiing, have a girlfriend, and so much more. I would pursue these for months but always something would appear to remind me of this vast realm of spiritual dimensions. I think each of us are open to having such spiritual awakenings. What I realized later that before my experience occurred all my attention was on the question that Krishnamurti had asked in his book. I think that was the key for allowing such moments to happen. Pure attention not based on a desire for spiritual experiences but instead on this desire for truth, understanding and intelligence. In such moments you are open and your ego is not present. Pure awareness of what is will allow you to discover such truths and then something may occur naturally as a result. I want you to experience this. If you haven't already on your own, you will get a sense of what it's like to be without thought, to experience being connected with everything changed my whole perspective on life. Surprisingly, it fit nicely with my scientist perspective, which teaches to never jump to conclusions about the unknown. You can create hypothesis and try to explain it, but only with the knowledge that your words will never be really it, for it is beyond words. Thus, we should never try and draw absolute conclusions with thought about something beyond thought. What is important is for you to experience it for yourself. What I discovered has nothing to do with me. It's not my technique nor is it my way of experiencing. It’s like looking at the sun. You don't have to have a person describe it to you if you can simply experience how it feels. It belongs to no one. You don’t need to worship it, pray to it, beseech it, it’s just there. In the same way you can experience the amazing presence around you. When your thoughts slow down and come to an end it's there. It may not be exactly the same one I experienced because it's so amazingly dynamic and seemingly ever-changing. I know that I am not doing a good job of describing it but all throughout my life when I've had this experience it never needed describing. It was pure experience. When you have the quieter mind of a healthier ego it allows these moments without resistance. The old, negatively condition subconscious mind absolutely resisted control to this unknown and seemingly disastrous force. When you experience this for yourself you know what I'm talking about. Then it will guide you as it lights that flame within you like it did me that we'll be there the rest of your life. Always there, waiting for you patiently. It's up to you to decide. The Universe is calling, and even though it may not have a caller ID, if you answer you will discover more than you could ever imagine. Please take a few moments out of your daily life and see how important it is for you to embrace this healthier way of living. Scan your past and see if you haven’t contacted this before, yet allowed your ego to turn away from the dangers of losing control to this presence. When I had my early experiences, I certainly did not have a healthy mind. I was lost in my ego, even though I strived to live a spiritual life. I didn’t realize that my ego was trying to live a spiritual life, and I was following along with it. No wonder our lives end up shallow and meaningless. We are following our narcissistic ego, so I know you realize that this is a recipe for disaster. That’s why my moments of awakening never lasted. It wasn't until I did my emotional growth work that my inner healing occurred. What I learned was that emotional growth healing was the key to spirituality and allowed for a healthier ego to emerge, one in alignment with your spiritual awakening. Ending that old chattering resistive conditioned mind gives you a sense of oneness that will guide you onward. My goal with my work is to help you understand, resolve and release what keeps you stuck and entrenched in ego driven pursuits. The reason I do these podcasts and videos is to awaken that part of you that desires to move beyond the old conditioned mind programs. I offer the programs to help you remove what is blocking you from naturally discovering and connecting with your amazing authentic self. Become the person you are meant to be and learn what it’s like to live your life in the now.

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