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What is it Like to Be in the Now?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Are you ready to Awaken to the NOW?

To experience a new way of living that will help you to release old blockages that keep you from having what you desire?

Perhaps you are aware that all life takes place in the NOW, in the moment. You might have heard that living in the NOW is a path to greater understanding, even enlightenment. Whatever your beliefs, consider what it would be like to....

· Bring your awareness into the NOW

· Discover the benefits of living in the NOW

· Enjoy releasing old habits and patterns of behavior as you are in the NOW

· Use this awareness to experience the expanded reality in the NOW

Being in the Now is also a valuable key to create your dreams. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles standing in your way. Creating a mind that lives in the moment seems nearly impossible given that your brain is filled with your subconscious mind's constant thoughts, worries and fears.

When you discover how much your resistive, overly-protected subconscious mind is programmed negatively, you realize how vital it is to address this part of you so that you can end the self sabotage that it creates.

No, it isn't always easy to disconnect from your subconscious programming, but it is worth the effort.

So, how do I know what living in the NOW is like?

When I was 19 years old I experienced a shift in awareness that allowed an experience of connecting with Now consciousness.  

Being an typical young man I strongly felt the pull to just have a fun and normal relationships.  I was just starting my life in college which led to my first career as a geologist. 

Yet still there were moments when my inner awareness deepened and I began to both create a life as a working scientist and as an inner explorer into deeper spiritual truths. 

Over the years I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from amazing teachers of the human experience.  One such teacher was J. Krishnamurti, with whom I was able to see in person in Ojai several times over these earlier years.  These moments helped to ignite the process of awakening that once again opened up to experiencing reality from this expanded awareness. 

This created within me an intense inner conflict.  I began to realize that my ego wanted nothing to do with that state of being and was terrified of relinquishing control to this unknown force.

Despite this inner conflict those moments of oneness were beyond anything I could have ever imagined and brought with it feelings of intense joy and inner freedom, as well as a sense of some deep, pervasive loving presence.

Eventually this conflict led me to question why these wonderful experiences didn't change my personality and eliminate my fears and inner resistance. 

After taking the time to travel around the world on a two year journey, I was determined to explore how to bring about this deeper transformation. 

As I pursued this question I was led to a small group of individuals who were  approaching spiritual issues by working on emotional growth and healing.  Being a typical guy I was reluctant to believe that emotions would be the key to my spiritual growth.  Still, I was willing to learn more.

What I discovered was that my view of emotions as basically useless irrationality was a complete mistake and that I really didn't know what emotional growth actually meant.  As I moved deeper into this process I came face to face with the voice of my inner resistance, the inner Guardian of my subconscious mind, who resisted losing control to both me and that unknown presence. 

Uncovering my emotional wounds this way led me to both discover, connect then release the fears and negative beliefs of my wounded inner parts, allowing me to deepen my emotional awareness and thus my spiritual growth. 

Over the years I continued to work on my issues both individually and in relationships.  My connection to the Now improved and it became more natural and normal for me to experience being in the moment.

My 40 year journey of experiences, insights and understandings has helped me create a comprehensive program for you to discover how to also experience life in the moment.  I know that when you heal your inner wounds it will help you to experience Now consciousness, opening that doorway which will guide and inspire you through the rest of your life. 

Call it what you will, that Inner Presence, the Stillness, Divine Guidance or Ground of all Being, it doesn't really matter.  Those are just words.  I want you to experience the joyous state that naturally occurs when you are living in the Now.

All that I have learned and experienced I am now ready to share with you.

That's right. Not only will you learn valuable techniques and exercises to help you experience this expanded state of awareness, I will also be sharing my own personal experiences and the specific steps I followed to allow them to unfold. And you will move into that state in your own unique way. My experiences will help you to understand the process.

The first step is understanding why you don't naturally live in this state of Awareness. To understand why a part of you actively resists living in the NOW.

Most try to achieve the NOW by having you focus on various techniques, affirmations or studies. But they miss the most important consideration of all... In order to achieve this level of awareness, it is vital to first remove that which sabotages your dreams.

As you do it reveals the truth of how your mind works.

“Ok, Sounds Great - But How Do I Do That?!”

When you discover how wonderful it is to experience the NOW, you will also find that everything changes for the better. That you manifest and experience the profound joy and happiness of being in the NOW... to learn how this connection transforms your life as it has mine.

It is essential to light that fire within you so that it will also guide you on your journey toward healing and fulfillment. When you feel the change you realize how vitally important it is for you to heal old wounds and fulfill your destiny. Connecting with the NOW supports your efforts to change your life for the better.

This allows you to take control of your realize life is designed to bring you what you feel like you deserve at a deep subconscious level of belief.

Only then can transformation occur.

When you also experience life in the “NOW” you take charge of your life and everything begins to change for the better

Let's be clear, while being in the NOW is a wonderful step on your life's journey, you will still feel motivated to pursue your career, pay your bills, enjoy your daily life. And you will still have issues and challenges, but they won't last as long or cut off your connection with that Joyous Presence. You will have a healthier ego to do your life's tasks but not resist that movement in the Now.

In this state is a kind of humility, a peace, comes when resistance to life and awareness diminishes. When you consider individuals who share Now experiences such as

J. Krishnamurti or Eckhart Tolle you find them to be humble, joyous individuals with a reduced ego resistance. This lack of conditioning seems to be an important aspect of those that teach being in the Now. For they know that it isn't their wisdom or awareness that is important, and what they share is a communication with that which naturally arises in the Now.

You don’t have to “live” permanently in the NOW to bring significant changes into your life

One of the most common misunderstanding that I find spiritual seekers have is that if they aren't living in Now awareness all the time then they have failed. That somehow they have to achieve a certain level of constant focus in order to be "Enlightened".

The truth is that enlightenment is not the goal. That in reality there is no goal at all. I know, everything I discussed above sounded like achieving something, but when you examine this concept closely you will see that there are benefits of living this way but those are not the goal. For to have a goal means some part of your ego wants to achieve something.

What you discover is that the natural movement is to observe "what is", so be with the truth without resistance or a desire to change it. This acceptance of "what is", which J. Krishnamurti called "choiceless awareness" and Eckhardt Tolle calls "Presence" is naturally there as a result of this intelligent understanding of life. When you are aware in the moment it is because this is the natural way of living.

And everyone can decide what they want to focus upon. That "Otherness" doesn't judge you if you wish to talk with someone or take a hike or watch TV. It is simply a presence that is always there with which you naturally connect when you begin still with a quiet mind.

Concepts can be hard to describe because we are describing that which is timeless and beyond thought. When you experience it yourself you will see what I mean. And it is hard to understand who actually experiences it when there is no "you" in that moment.

Again, a difficult concept to convey, but in reality you get a sense of what the real you is actually like. A unique drop in the universal sea with an awareness beyond the thinking mind.

And again, this will spur many of you to want that experience but remember wanting an experience will not allow it to happen, for the wanting experience blocks the experiences. Still, it is amazing to describe.

Please remember that there is no failure and that it is okay to just enjoy taking a few minutes each day, look out across the trees to the sky beyond, and have your thoughts drop away and experience a profound sense of joy, love and deep peace that comes when you move into the Now.

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