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What Are Your Three Most Important Questions in Life?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Welcome… my name is David Greenwood of Your Life in the Now. My passion is to help you overcome some of the old doubts, worries and concerns that often plague you and keep you from becoming the person you want to be. These old behaviors rob you of that inner peace, joy and fulfillment that you really deserve a desire.

Do you sometimes find that you lie awake at night wondering what's the meeting of it all? What am I supposed to do? Is life ever going to get better? I would like to help you understand that you already have within you the capacity to be that person.

What you may not know is that there is a part of you that often times overcomes your healthy desires and tries to take control of your life. We are going to explore what that is and how it keeps you stuck.

But first, I had promised to discuss the three questions that I hear people ask on a deeper level of most important to them. Those three questions are number 3… Is there life on other planets, other dimensions, other galaxies? People also ask is it possible that they have visited us here? Well, I honestly don't know the answer to this one. I'm sorry I can't help you answer question number three. But I can help with the two most important ones.

Question number two is…what's the meaning of life? Those questions you ask while lying awake at night wondering, “Am I going to find that I have a destiny? Is my life supposed to mean something more? Can I do more with my life?” Yes, I can help you to discover and fulfill your purpose by helping to remove what’s blocking you from becoming your authentic self.

And the number one most it's discussed question of course is… “Is there something beyond my thoughts, my imagination, my life? What created everything and does it have meaning for me?”

Yes, I can also help you to experience an Essence, a Source, an Otherness, or whatever you wish to call it. No, I don’t pretend to be able to get you an audience with the supreme energy but I can help you to connect with that state of being from which you will experience that profound sense of connection, of joy, or presence that surrounds everything.

I can help you move into a state of mind where everything works out so much better when you connect that which is always around you. It will transform your life. That's what I would like you to experience for yourself.

I have found over the years that so many earnest spiritual seekers come forward and say that, “I've tried all this. I've tried to become like the great spiritual teachers. I've tried to watch my thoughts. I've tried to move forward but I can only go so far before something stops me.”

Often times they get frustrated and depresses as if they had failed somehow. What is crucial to understand is that first you don't have to be exactly like those few amazing spiritual teachers. You can still live your daily life, you can drive a car, you can have a healthy relationship, you can still feel that connection even while you are paying the bills. You can still bring this otherness, this joyous connection into your daily life. You don’t need to become a spiritual teacher or go sit on a mountainside to just contemplate the universe.

This is a crucial misunderstanding. You can have an enriched and amazing life that will support you in becoming the person that you really want to be while having a life. All I'm asking is that you focus on overcoming what is preventing this from naturally happening right now. Discover it for yourself because this is an experiential process meant for your direct experience. This is not just a talk about how amazing life can be and I am not trying to convince you of something.

I want you to experience what it's like to feel that presence around you. It's not mine, it's not yours, it's not a product of your ideas or beliefs. It's everywhere. My passion is to help guide you by removing the fears of your subconscious mind that prevent this direct connection with that Presence.

When you have an opportunity, please watch the “Three Secrets That Your Subconscious Mind Doesn’t Want You To Know”. You will discover how your own subconscious mind holds the key to your inner and outer freedom.

Secret number one is, “What is the subconscious mind?” Secret number to is, “Why does it do what it does”? Secret number three is, “How does it control us?”

I think you're going to really enjoy discovering these secrets and how it will give you the power to take back control of the life you were meant to live and fulfill your destiny of living your life in the now.

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