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The Guardian Files

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Today we are going to talk about the Guardian Files, that part of your subconscious mind that holds you back.

Yes, one of my favorite shows growing up was the X-files, which contained a lot of information and entertainment. Sometimes it was frustrating, sometimes strange, sometimes even alien, but it also gave us the opportunity to dive more deeply into the mysteries of life and even ourselves.

The Guardian files are the repository of your life’s journey.

These files contain all the beliefs and behaviors that were anchored within your sub-conscious mind. They help you to understand how this part of your subconscious mind holds you back. They reflect all the issues of your life including fears like speaking in public, self-esteem concerns for your career advancement, anxieties over not being good enough, a lack of self confidence in social situations, and so much more. Everything you can imagine, every issue you have, is stored within your subconscious mind. In the future we're going to be addressing one by one particular issues so that we can dive more deeply into how to resolve them.

The Guardian has been called by many names; the dark self, the shadow, the critical mind, your ego, and many more.

I call it the Guardian because it really is there to protect us and try to control us the best it knows how. This part of our brain was created in the distant past. It formed millions of years ago and is what we call the reptilian part of our brain. It focuses upon safety and security and exercises this in the form of our fight, flight or freeze mentality.

Yes, the reptilian brain! Think about the fact that as human beings we have only been around not even a million years. If you go back a million years, we did not look the same as we do now. Think of the dinosaurs that were around for about 150 million years. During this vast amount of time the reptilian brain developed and later evolved with the rise of the mammals. As a result of this evolution we now also have within us the mammalian brain, yet the earlier reptilian part is still there.

Think of it as the innate protector that you are born with, like a genetic aspect that attempts to keeps you safe and secure.

It actively holds you back from harm like getting to close to a cliff’s edge or even avoiding potentially dangerous people. This explains your Guardian’s role as your inner protector.

There is also another aspect of the Guardian that was environmentally influenced over the first 16 years of your life. As discussed in our earlier blog on the subconscious mind, this part learned from your environment and the people around you. It absorbed all the positive and negative beliefs that became your core beliefs.

This part of your Guardian tends to be more punishing and controlling in a negative way.

This means that your Guardian is both the result of your genetic and environmental programming. Unfortunately, many of the core beliefs that you absorbed included both irrational and erroneous beliefs about you and what you deserved in life.

Some of these negative core beliefs include, “I can't do it, it's too hard, I will fail, success isn’t real, I'm not strong enough, I'm not tall enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not whatever enough.”

This is important for you because after 16 when you fully develop your analytical mind and no longer believe all that you hear or experience, you still have to contend with both your inner protector and punisher.

The Guardian part of you will distract, sabotage or block you from doing the things that you want to do. This is where your problems arise because it creates strong habit patterns of belief that keep you stuck in old behaviors. At the same time the healthy part of your subconscious mind and what we call your superconscious mind is motivating, inspiring and doing its best to move you forward, to take healthy risks, to achieve your goals, and become the authentic you that you have always had within you but up until now have not been able to emerge over the resistance of your Guardian.

This creates all the conflict in your life.

Depending upon your own unique aspects you will find some areas of your life are great. Maybe your Guardian and you both agree that money and success is a positive and attainable goal. Most likely you will be successful.

Or maybe all of you desires healthy relationships and you had many more positive, kind, loving aspects both programmed and learned within you, and you will be drawn to those relationships.

I suggest giving gratitude for what is going well and also focusing your attention upon those issues that still reside within you.

In future episodes we will explore different aspects and how to discover if you really do have an issue and what you can do about it. Just be aware that your Guardian will not want you to explore your issues. It is already overloaded and dealing with its own sometimes irrational beliefs that cause challenges to your safety and security. The last thing it wants is for you, the conscious mind, to interfere. To your Guardian you are but a helpless, easily manipulated, overly emotional or inefficient part that isn’t trustworthy or knowledgeable enough to take control or even know what is the right thing to do in challenging situations.

Right now, just be aware of the different areas of your life in which you are disappointed with how your life is going.

Perhaps some part of your life hasn’t lived up to your potential or you have made mistakes. You will begin to see the full extent of your subconscious beliefs and in what areas you need to address.

The last thing you want to do is continue to recreate the past.

Focus now instead upon what needs to be done. We don’t need to take a lot of time by focusing on why it's there. Learn from the past, accept it and move on. We will also focus on this more specifically in a future episode as well.

The first step is learning that you have a Guardian and it is active in your life.

Any negative thoughts, all the doubts, the worries, fears anxiety, the depression, the “I can't do it, it's too hard, life sucks, I'm never going to be good enough;” all those thoughts and feelings and behaviors are not the real you. What you experience is the negative programming that was input into you by others, by your environment, by your mistaken beliefs.

When you begin to accept this fact you actually create a space between your subconscious programming and the healthier part of you.

Now whenever the Guardian wants you to react in a certain way there’s a space in time so that the healthy you can respond with intelligence about the right way to move forward. You might discover that what was said to you by another just isn’t true and there’s no reason to respond to a challenge. The anger, guilt, sorrow or whatever just doesn’t arise. You will find more and more that you healthily take control of your mind.

Of course, as you have heard so often, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

This is something you will be doing the rest of your life. But fortunately, what does occur is that as you resolve old issues you feel so much better about yourself. So much happier, so much more in charge and in control, so much healthier in so many ways that the issues and challenges that come to you are experienced in a whole new light. Life just gets more joyous.

You begin to see issues as learning experiences and actually appreciate the fact that they trigger a part of you that needs to be addressed, which allows you to resolve, release and eliminate it.

The beauty of relationships is that they are a perfect mirror for us to grow and learn about ourselves. We were meant to both enjoy relationships and accept that they offer us is a mirror that reflects our issues. We are not meant to react to our issues, push them away, only to discover that they await us in another relationship.

Thank them for what they are: an opportunity to find, release and move on free of the issue.

To sum it up the Guardian is the voice of your subconscious mind, the librarian of your life’s library. Your challenges and opportunities are to grow a healthier subconscious mind and create a healthier ego. For you cannot exist without your ego. A lot of people talk about how terrible the ego is for our personal growth. To me this is a mistake.

The ego is your spirits vehicle here on this level of existence.

The glove your spirit fits into while you are alive. On a deep level it beats your heart, fights infections, creates your cells, digests your food and so much more. You would instantly die without it. It reflects your favorite colors, the foods you like, the books you read, the people you want to be with, and so much more. Instead our goal should be to make it healthier.

What I have discovered is that a healthier ego responds entirely differently to life.

It naturally becomes your ally, not your adversary. An adviser, not your dictator. It is incredibly smart, capable and knowledgeable. Of course, it has its flaws, as will do you, but as it becomes healthier it moves into alignment with the wiser, more spiritually attuned self. The authentic you. This healthy Guardian also no longer resists stillness, that space between thoughts, the quiet voice within, and allows you to experience now consciousness. It simply is no longer resistant to your spiritual experiences.

Allow yourself to discover your own Guardian.

It’s not an easy thing to do! In future episodes we will explore specific issues and how the Guardian might be blocking or confusing you so that you can take steps to get back on track.

I appreciate you continuing to read this far as I know your own Guardian will resist it and come up with many reasons to ignore, criticize or reject any attempt on your part to begin this inner journey.

I know because I was the same way. It takes a real desire for growth to move beyond the Guardian’s issues. But if I can do it, you can do it. Together we can move forward, starting here and now. Like the statement of the hero’s-father image at the end of one of my all-time favorite movies, “Contact”.

“Small steps”.

Expect success and it will transform your life.

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