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Do You Lie Awake At Night Wondering...?

My focus is to help you to be the person you're meant to be. To overcome the doubts that arise and the inner conflict that sometimes robs. My focus is to help you to be the person you're meant to be. To overcome the doubts that arise and the inner conflict that sometimes robs you of having a happy, healthy life. What you're going to discover is how important it is to address your subconscious mind, and I want to help you awaken to the idea that you have within you the power and ability to change your life for the better.

What we're going to discover together is that you are able to remove what's keeping you from being the person you're meant to be. So, if you lie awake at night wondering, “How did this happen? How did my life take this turn for the worst? When am I going to find joy?”, it’s time to move forward.

A lot of times people get desperate because we do lead lives of quiet desperation and often we do lose hope as anxiety and depression overwhelm us. I want you to know that you can move forward and find a way that absolutely reduces the power of the negative mind that holds you back.

I want to also address the three questions that most people express as the most important ones in our lives. The third most important question that most people ask is, “Are we alone in the universe? Is there life on other planets, other galaxies, other dimensions? Maybe they're even visiting us here and now.”

I can't answer that question. I'm sorry, I wish I have seen many amazing things in my life but I don't know the answer as to whether or not there's life on other planets. I am certain that there are, but if they are here with us now, I just don’t know.

The second most important question is, “What's the meaning of life?” Like we mentioned… if you lie awake at night wondering what you are supposed to be doing with your life, well, that is something I can help you discover. Once you remove the control your negatively conditioned subconscious mind has over you, the authentic you that you were meant to be begins to emerge.

And the most important question that many consider as number one? Is there a Presence, a Source, a Power that permeates everything? An intelligence to the universe from which everything else arises that determines everything.

Well, I can partially answer this one as well. Of course, I can’t get you an audience with God or anything like that, but I can help you to connect with the Stillness, the energy that surrounds us and is in us. You will discover this when your mind simply slows down and allows for a quietness, an opening within you. This is why people meditate… to experience that state. I want to help you awaken to this awareness and support you to connect with this expanded state of consciousness, to express unity consciousness. It’s always here, just waiting for you to open up and connect with it. Don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself!

Many people search for a way to uncover this state of awareness. Over the years clients have come to me feeling frustrated and a failure that they couldn’t make the total breakthrough that they have heard spiritual teachers describe. They have heard about living in the now, living in the moment experiencing this but because they can't move into that totality they get discouraged.

I feel it is essential to realize that probably only a few people that experience this total transformation in consciousness. But you can still experience it in your daily life. Most of us have a strong ego which will probably never totally transform, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the moments between our jobs, our relationships, our daily chores to stop, open up and connect with this altered state of consciousness. You can still have an amazing life with an occasional connection with that Stillness, with Source energy.

You always have the power within you to do what you healthily decide is most important for you. Do you want to live your life, have great relationships, pay your bills, drive your car, have a career, and do the things that you normally want to do in your daily life yet still feel that connection?

Please don’t think it’s all or nothing. You have free will, and this expanded state of consciousness will support you in whatever you choose to do. It is just necessary to move beyond the self-sabotage of your subconscious Guardian part. That Otherness is always in the background waiting for you. We have to use thought and the effort of ego to live in this world, but also balance that with the awareness of expanded consciousness. Become the definition of a mystic, where you live in both worlds. In the world but also not totally of it.

What I offer in my programs is the path I have taken to discover this Stillness. Again, the first step to creating an amazing you is creating a healthier subconscious mind, a healthier ego that no longer resists your efforts for self-growth and fulfillment. The second step is to use this healthier mind to resolve old, deeper emotional hurts and self-defeating wounds. The final step is to free yourself to experience that oneness, the presence that is always there. When you experience this for yourself, everything in your life will move more into alignment with the you that you want to become.

You fully understand how powerful the subconscious is and how it holds you back from experiencing the life you were meant to live. Please take the time to free yourself from this limited, shadow of a life. The only thing holding you back from having an amazing life is your own subconscious programming. It’s time to awaken, to learn, to grow and to transform your life.

Your life can be an amazing journey of self-discovery. Join me as we go together and fulfill your destiny.

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