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Is there anything wrong with Taking a Stand?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Is there ever anything wrong with taking a stand? Shouldn't we stand up for what we believe? Isn't trusting our gut what everyone says we are supposed to do?

You hear it all the time. "Where do you stand on this issue?" Or, "what do you stand for?" Everyone seems to want your opinion or, more likely, to see if your opinion really coincides with theirs. Few people would think there is anything wrong with standing up for yourself or being firm in your convictions. Isn't having healthy boundaries what we hear is a healthy, positive way of being? As with most questions, what is important is not the question but what lies behind the question. Who is asking these questions? For the person who takes these actions is more important than the actions they take, for the person creates these actions. So who is taking a stand? Is it someone who is sharing all that they have experienced in their life? In their own unique conditioning that has led them to believe a certain way? How we seem to love sharing what we think. What we believe. Taking a stand isn't the issue at all. There is nothing wrong with the action of doing anything. What matters is what has moved you to believe this way. Take the old saying, "Trust in your gut." Well, what is your gut? We aren't talking about your physical gut, but instead upon how your gut "feels". What feelings do you have at that moment. As your feelings arise from you unique experiences and conditioned beliefs of the past, they are programmed a certain way. Someone who has had difficult experiences in past relationships can develop a belief to not trust a certain type of person. Or someone of a race or religions that reminds you of a past negative experience. In these cases your "gut" is giving you its opinion based upon your unique history that can be just as often wrong as right. So is trusting in your "gut" really such a good idea? As you look at this reaction, it becomes a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself. To observe your gut feelings in a way for you to see if they arise out of negative or positive experiences and determine if either might be coloring your belief. Aren't all racial, social and other problems created this way? Who cares what color a persons skin is or how they believe. If you were to meet someone with green or blue skin for the first time without any understanding or past experiences you would be open to learn without condemnation. So it is not a healthy response to blindly follow you gut anymore than it is to ignore your gut, for both are opportunities for you to observe your own conditioning and wake up to who you are, without condemnation or disgust, and use it to naturally begin to dissolve that which holds you back and creates such turmoil in both your life and the world around you.

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