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"Are you ready to leave behind limiting thoughts, destructive beliefs and old issues that sabotage you finding an amazing, fulfilling and joyous life?

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Hello, I'm David Greenwood.  So what's stopping you from creating an empowered,
successful and healthier life right now?

What's holding you back isn't a lack of ability, desire, or knowledge.

You know what you are supposed to do.

You should be able to succeed and overcome your challenges.

It's as if something is blocking, distracting or even sabotaging your efforts to change.




Over the years many people like you have come to me to find out how they can release old habits, feel more confident, and resolve old issues that constantly block, distract or actively sabotage their efforts to find a happier, more fulfilling life.  


Just like them, you have already tried everything to resolve old beliefs and behaviors but still success eludes you.  You might have used counseling, therapy and many other forms of personal growth yet still positive change and inner peace is hard to find.  

The truth is that some part of you is so strong, so powerful, so determined to control you that it overcomes your healthy desires.


So, isn't it time to:

  • Overcome old habits even if until now they have kept you stuck?

  • Feel better about yourself even if you are filled with doubts, worries and concerns?

  • Discover you are more successful in your career even if there seems to be walls holding you back?

  • Learn how to respond in your relationships in a healthy way even if you get triggered by your partner?

  • Become financially more successful even if having more money seems impossible?

  • Achieve your weight loss goals as you create a healthy you even if until now food was a challenge for you?

  • Desire to exercise and become healthier even if you have no motivation to do so?

  • Exude self confidence and overcome old fears and phobias?

Ready to learn what's been stopping you from being successful?

You Are!!!



In this course you will discover that most of your problems, wounds and fears reside not in your conscious mind, but instead in your...

Subconscious Mind.

Yes, your subconscious mind, or as it's commonly called, your


  • Your ego is the repository of all your early childhood and teenage experiences, which were created over the first 16 years of your life. 


  • During this time you are in a very suggestible trance state, where everything you experience goes in and creates your core beliefs about life and your abilities.

  • You do not have the ability to say "no" to whatever you hear. 

  • As a child you also make the mistake of believing everything is your fault. 


  • Mom or dad has a bad day and yells, as you don't think, "Oh, they are just having a bad day," no you think "What's wrong with me?" or "What did I do wrong?"

  • All these negative experiences create your inner core beliefs and what you feel like you deserve.

  • These experiences anchored within you irrational beliefs of self doubt, worry, concern and low self esteem.

And as your ego gets stronger, these irrational beliefs begin to show through.

In order for you to have the life you wish to live, you must first resolve the inner beliefs and behaviors your negatively conditioned subconscious feels like you deserve. 


More about this later, but the fact is until you are 16 you are a sponge, absorbing both positive and negative experiences which created the you that until now you mistakenly thought was the real you.

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Why do you need this course? 

How can this program help you?

You Need A New Plan!!!


Don't keep fighting yourself.  It's a losing battle!

The purpose of this course is to help your subconscious mind become healthier and more positive.


It's time to uncover your true, authentic self, the you that you would have become before all the negative and demeaning experiences infected you like a virus while growing up.

How does this benefit you?

As your true self emerges life just gets happier, healthier and even more amazing.  Imagine what its like to be free of the negativity of the past and awaken each morning refreshed and excited about your day.  Everything depends upon how you experience life, and I want you to experience life as the healthy, authentic you. 

It's time to awaken and embrace the you that you were meant to be... right now.

  1.  Awakening each morning excited about your day

  2.  Creating a fun and challenging career

  3.  Enjoying spending the day around people you like

  4.  Embracing a passionate, loving romantic relationship

  5.  Resolving old family issues with confidence

  6.  Exploring life with a quiet mind 

  7.  Allowing for insight and inspirations to motivate you

  8.  Discovering what's it like to be your authentic self

  9.  Heightening your perception and self awareness

  10.  Transforming your life in the Now.

Does this seem like an impossible task?

Maybe it feels like too much work.

You don't have the time.

You know there's too much against you.

You don't have the energy.

You don't know where to start.

You don't know who to trust.   

You just feel helpless.

Then keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to get what you have right now.

Is that what you really want???


"The content of your consciousness is your consciousness"  -  J. Krishnamurti


Whatever you experience as reality in your mind in any moment is the person that you are. 

If you subconscious is positive, happy and free... that's who you are.  If it is filled with doubt, worry and fear... that's who you are.

It all comes down to your ego.


Many people rant and rave about the dangers and drawbacks of having an ego.  They stress that the ego will cause nothing but sorrow and heartache.

I think they are missing an important fact.

The fact is that we can't live without an ego!

That's right.  Your ego, or the voice of your subconscious mind, is there for a reason.  It's meant to be your guide, protector, and advisor.  

Unfortunately, due to our upbringing and lack of a healthy emotional and supportive environment, our ego becomes wounded, scarred, irrational and fearful.  Through this perspective it sees much of life as a fight or flight existence, which leads to a very stressful, unhappy and often meaningless life.

No wonder everyone wants to destroy, obliterate, ignore, abandon or despise it.


We will always have an ego, and to fight against it only perpetuates old behaviors, for what you resist, persists.


Man in Denim Jacket

Instead, I offer that the key to a healthy self, to inner freedom, to practical spirituality is to create a healthy ego.

Then it becomes our ally, not our adversary.  And yes, it is not the part of us that will experience life in the Now, but it will be the part that allows it to happen.  

Everyone seems to think they can find joy, peace and even spiritual transformation while having a controlling ego.  This assures that not only will their ego be the part that wants a spiritual experience, but also that such an endeavor is ultimately doomed to failure.  

The ego can never find such transformation for it interprets everything through past beliefs and conditioning.  It will experience what it believes, and then you are back with the same old hurts, worries and fears.

Our ego is conditioned to fight life, even our own inner parts, instead of understanding, validating and helping them to resolve their issues. 


Inner violence can never lead to inner peace.

I offer a saner, healthier, truly doable path to a better life.

And it simply starts by creating a healthier ego, a healthier self.

From this healthier ego you can continue to move deeper and, if you choose, discover how to experience life more and more from the authentic you needing your ego less and less.  

But for now, consider taking this essential first step toward freedom from your resistive, conditioned ego.


What are the benefits of having a healthy self?

I know you are tired of feeling like you have to fight a part of yourself when challenges arise.


This is strongest when old habits created by your subconscious mind keep you doing things the same way. 


Sometimes you find yourself eating, smoking, drinking, reacting with anger, pouting, frustrated, avoiding or actively escaping a situation or even avoiding feelings.


This is how your subconscious mind reacts to situations. 


By escaping, distracting or sabotaging you in order to keep you doing what it thinks you need to do to be safe or what it thinks you deserve based upon old beliefs and conditioning.


The bottom line is that habits created by your ego are hard to break...your ego tries to keep you the same.


So here are just some of the many benefits of having a healthy subconscious mind.


  • Release old, unhealthy habits of the past

  • Resolve inner conflict that keeps you stuck

  • Discover how to respond healthily

  • Enjoy healthy relationships

  • Create self confidence and self worth

  • Learn how to live in the moment

  • Respond with intelligence to situations

  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle

  • Integrate your emotions and intellect

  • Excel at what you love to do

  • Uncover and release old ways of being

  • Awaken each morning excited about life

  • Bring forth your true, authentic self

  • Experience living life in the Now


This occurs when your healthier subconscious mind supports your efforts to take charge and take control over how you think, feel, say and do. 

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Meet David...

David Greenwood has been associated with personal growth since college when he taught an experimental class at the University of Washington on spiritual growth.  Even though he pursued his goal of becoming a scientist, at 19 he discovered the teachings of J. Krishnamurti who offered a unique perspective on the ancient wisdom of "know thyself" and brought spirituality into personal development.  David was fortunate to be able to experience Now consciousness and eventually attend several of J. Krishnamurti's talks and dialogues in Ojai, CA, in the 1980's.  

As a result of his experiences and inspired by the quantum physicist Dr. David Bohm, he sought out others interested in deep psychological transformation and completed  a 3 year course in self discovery through emotional growth and healing.  

Because of the valuable insights and focus he decided to focus on a career in the field of inner transformation by first becoming certified as a hypnotherapist, then as a life coach, and finally earning his second Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling. 


After working as a therapist, he left California and moved back to his home region in the Seattle area, building up his practice and has since helped hundreds of others achieve their individual goals.

Through integrating science, counseling, hypnotherapy and life coaching, he now has expanded his practice into helping others first create an amazing self, use similar deep emotional growth work that he underwent that leads you to discover and enjoy practical spirituality.  

This deeper work integrates emotional transformation with the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and Eckhart Tolle, who offers a similar transformative approach.

In addition to his practice he regularly gives talks to a variety of groups and organizations on the subconscious mind as well as creating online programs, relationships groups and retreats in Zion National Park where he completed his Masters thesis in Geology, in Sedona where he gave private geology and spiritual tours, and the Puget Sound area for those interested in combining scientific, practical wonders with deeper, personal transformative awakening. 

He has written an ebook on inner parts called, "Splinters of the Mind" and is currently completing his first novel, "Awakening the Guardian."

Cosmic Sky

Ego says, "When I have everything taken care of, I will finally find peace."

Spirit says, "Find peace first, and everything will be taken care of."

                     - Marianne Williamson

Who will benefit the most from this course?

There are many reasons for you wanting to change your life for the better. 


The important thing is that there is a part of you that wants to change, that you are so ready for a better life. 


If you are willing to overcome years of negative control, you will find the power to focus on attaining your dreams and experiencing the freedom to think and feel what you want.

So who is this for?

Happy Couple

Women and men wanting more joy, peace and a better life 

Girl Relaxing

Spiritual seekers ready for  inner transformation and awakenings

Ready to awaken each morning refreshed and ready for the day?  To meet any challenge feeling unencumbered by old habits, worries and fears? Allow yourself to become the person you were meant to be.  Experience life as a healthy self with the confidence, freedom and empowerment to enjoy a better tomorrow now.

True spirituality is beyond the realm of your subconscious ego.  Experience waking meditation with a quiet mind which comes naturally into being when your ego no longer resists you embracing life in the now.  When you experience life this way peace, joy and fulfillment unfold from a healthier balanced mind 


Business men and women for better focus and greater success

Focus and self confidence are an important aspect of success.  The only thing holding you back from that is you...more specifically, your resistive subconscious programming.  To achieve financial and career success it is essential to be in the healthiest state of mind possible with the balance, focus and motivation to achieve your goals.

Cosmic Sky

"In Wildness is the Preservation of the World"

                           - Henry David Thoreau

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Thoreau understood that our own "wildness" brings us into alignment with nature beyond the bondage of our limited mind.  In the stillness of nature you are open to discover who you are and why you are here.

Girl with Tablet
Two Computer Screens
Confident businessman waiting for an int


7 Weeks of Subconscious Training

  • Join David Greenwood for this 7 session online course designed to teach you how to discover, dialogue and transform your subconscious mind.  This awakened level of awareness is what frees you to think and feel the way you want to be.

  • In this seven-week training, David will guide you on a journey into your mysterious yet accessible subconscious mind to learn the truth about yourself and who has actually been in control of much of your life decisions. 


  • Integrating counseling, hypnotherapy and life coaching he