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Take the Next Step in Awakening Self-Awareness

  • Discover how to flip your awareness into the positive mindset

  • Express the power of consciously focusing your attention

  • Learn how the importance of expecting success

  • Rejuvenate your life during your private session with me

  • Experience moments of being in the stillness of Now Consciousness

  • Listen to the powerful hypnosis session, "Focus to Expect Success"

  • Uncover more on the significance of self awareness

Get The "Self Awareness" Mini-Course and Private Life Coaching Session with me



Just $95!


Special Offer! 75% Discount

My normal fee for an individual session, a hypnosis session, and the video/audio/PDF report is $400

Your "Self Awareness" Private Session and Mini-Course is ready to help you continue your process of taking back control of your life.  Remove the reactive conditioning of your subconscious guardian.  It is time to taste what your life becomes as you embrace your true, authentic self.  

You can continue your journey toward health, harmony and fulfillment.


This is how it unfolds…


As you use this powerful technique of flipping the switch away from the negative, internal trance states that you see before your eyes onto what is really in front of you, everything begins to change for the better.

This simple ability that you practice and learn to master gives you the ability to change your focus at any moment upon what is real, releasing the old, resistive, worried and concerned state of mind that holds you back.

Until now, these old patterns of behavior controlled how you experienced life, but now with growing self awareness you begin to see the truth of how amazing your life can become.

Healthy at any age
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Self Awareness Mini-Course

Enjoy life with powerful new tools like...

Tool #1

Learn how to flip the switch and turn off the negative, conditioned beliefs and behaviors

that once held you back

Tool #2

Learn how to observe your mind so that in any moment you can awaken and snap out of old trance states 

Tool #3

Learn the power of focus and how it will positively affects everything you think, say, do and feel

Tool #4

Learn how to take the next step in your self growth during your private life coaching session

This program includes your ability to choose the medium that you wish to use, for it is offered in various modalities that include...

  •  Video mp4

  •  Audio mp3

  •  Text PDF

Are you ready to take this step forward with me?

Get The "Self Awareness" Private Session and



Just $95!  








Here's what others have said about the process.

David's program has been exceptional for me.   His system has helped me address core beliefs about self respect and self worth that I have struggled with throughout my life.  If you struggle with any sort of self-sabotage or any subconscious problems I strongly suggest giving David a call.   He is easy going and was really helpful.    Dean M.


David is extremely knowledgeable and professional in understanding and prescribing therapy.  At each session he reviewed with me my progress and suggested helpful information to help me succeed.  I learned that there are many things in our subconscious that sabotage success.   I will continue to use the sessions to strengthen my resolve to continue eating a healthy and nutritional diet.   Katherine B.


I highly recommend working with David at Greenwood Hypnotherapy.  I accomplished all of my goals within 3 sessions.  David is kind and caring and works with you in every way possible.  He also gives out audios that you can use to get you through challenging times.  Don't miss the chance to make positive changes in your life.   Betsy F.

David Greenwood helped me break free of many self sabotaging behaviors & patterns. Since working with David, my career has flourished, Prosperity, Abundance & good health are part of my daily mind set....."You truly are what you think about".  I have known David for over 2 years both as a client and a coworker. As a client David has helped me achieve person goals such as weight loss, building a successful business and eliminating self sabotage.  As a coworker I have seen many of David's clients who have been extremely satisfied with the results they have achieved through their sessions with him. Thank You David for helping me see that "Anything is Possible".    Holly C.

What's the Value of the Self Awareness Private Session and Mini-Course?

Normally  $400

Get it today for a simple One Time Payment of $95


For about the same price as a dinner at your favorite restaurant...

  •  Experience for yourself what happens when you "flip the switch"

  •  Feel the power as you take back control in any moment

  •  Discover how nature becomes your teacher to guide you into the Now

Isn't it time for you to become self aware?  To recognize that you have been on auto-pilot in some aspect of your life for too long?  Taking control affects every positive aspect of your life.



Here's Exactly What You Will Get...

  1.  Your Introduction Video explaining the course

   2.  Your valuable "Self Awareness" video, audio and PDF course

   3.  Your Private Coaching Session with me

   4.  Your supportive hypnosis session,  

  "Focus to Expect Success"

   5.  Your bonus Motivational Audio, "Expect Success"

If you are ready to begin your process by awakening from the trances of your life, then this is an incredibly inexpensive way to start. 

I know it's hard to imagine a new way of living where the past habits and behaviors fade away and you sense the freedom that comes when you awaken to a new way of living. 

Changing your life this way will take time, but the good news is that as you continue to create a healthier subconscious mind, your life just gets better and better.  It's okay to move at your own pace and absorb change as you wish, for what ignites within you is a flame that guides, motivates and reminds you of the potential you have to express an empowered, amazing life.  This is what it means to discover the amazing you.

This is something you have to experience for yourself.  No one can do it for you.  The beauty of self empowerment is that you create the change you want to become.   You anchor deep within you the absolute knowledge of who you are and what you are now capable of being.  This is the essence of wisdom, self empowerment and healthy self esteem. 








Time to get started.

You can do this.

Normally: $400.00

HUGE 75% Discount NOW!

Only One Payment of


Click the link below...

Get The "Self Awareness" Private Session and 

Mini-Course: Just $95! 

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