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Awaken Now Mini-Course

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Discover the Two Magical Words that Hold the Key to Your Awakening 

  • Discover how two words will change your life forever

  • Learn how to use Self Hypnosis for success

  • Realize the importance of including this technique in goal setting

  • Listen to the powerful hypnosis session, "Remove Emotional Clutter"

  • Uncover more on the significance of gratitude and positivity

Get The "Awaken Now" Mini-Course 

Special Offer!



These reports are usually covered over two office sessions with bonus take-home audios valued at $250

New "Awaken Now" Mini-Course is for you if you are ready to change something about your life.  To awaken now to your true potential, your authentic self.  From  this healthier state of mind you have more confidence, take better care of yourself, feel more energized and look forward to a brighter future.


You need to know that it is entirely realistic and possible to get MORE out of life for you deserve joy, peace, success and fulfillment.


This is how it starts…


By using these two words, you are taking the steps necessary to awaken from the negative trance states that rob you of your time, effort and money.

Using Life Coaching, Counseling and Hypnotherapy, this integrated course will start you on your journey of healthy self-discovery



Awaken Now Mini-Course

Get inside this deep dive training with...

Tool #1


Learn the two words that will help awaken you from the negative, conditioned beliefs and behaviors

of your past

Tool #2


Learn how to properly use the powerful technique of self hypnosis and begin your day in a positive, empowered state of mind 

Tool #3

Learn more in-depth the significance of using the correct words for goal setting and the transformational power of gratitude

This program includes your ability to choose the medium that you wish to use, for it is offered in various modalities as...

  •  Video mp4

  •  Audio mp3

  •  Text PDF


Yes, you decide how you wish to absorb this mini-course.


Are you ready to take this step forward with me?

Get The "Awaken Now" Mini-Course 







Here's what others have said about the process.

Hypnotherapy worked as a door for me - a door into a new way of thinking and responding to my own intuition. And that has helped me move ever closer to my goals. Not only do I find myself stronger, more confident and peaceful than before hypnotherapy, but I have achieved more clarity and discernment about my goals, and what works and what doesn't to help me achieve them.I started hypnotherapy to try to lose weight.  It is now clear to me that the hypnotherapy gently moved my obstacles away, and led me to the right actions to help me lose the weight -- actions that I couldn't see before.   --Colette R.

Thanks Dave! I owe David Greenwood a debt of gratitude I won’t ever be able to repay as my life has been forever changed. When I went to David for help with weight management and we did a guilt release session I was able to see that I deserved to be happy and I was able to set huge goals that I otherwise would not have set. David has been with me every step of the way helping me reach my goals and helping me overcome past negative behaviors. David has helped me kick a 20 year caffeine addiction in one week. I have stopped biting my nails after 38 years. David has helped be maintain a 100 pound weight loss and I am healthier than I have ever been. I only wish I had found David before my weight loss as it would have surely been much faster and easier.  --Betty A.

Amazing!  Simple yet highly effective.  I was interested in finding out if hypnotherapy was the way to find an answer to the question as to the reason I began (around age 12) soothing and feeding emotions with unhealthy foods.  Yes, I did receive the answer, it came clearly and easily.   I find David to be highly professional, easy to talk with, and friendly.   David has the desire to help his clients achieve their desired results.  --June L.

What's the Value of the Awaken Now Mini-Course?

Normally  $250

  •  Learn what has been holding you back and blocking you from success

  •  Feel the power of your healthy subconscious mind 

  •  Understand that you do have the power to take back control of your life

Isn't it time to learn how to healthily move forward to achieve your dreams?  To no longer be blocked by your own mind which often seems to have a different agenda? 








Here's Exactly What You Will Get...

    1.  Introduction Video explaining the course

   2.  Video revealing the benefit of "Awakening Now"

   3.  Your Awaken now video, audio and PDF course

   4. Bonus video, audio and PDF on Self Hypnosis

   5. Two powerful versions of the hypnosis session,   

        "Remove Emotional Clutter"




 If you are ready to begin your process by awakening from the   trances  of your life, then this is an incredibly inexpensive way to   start.

Let's face it, there are so many distractions available to you that it's hard to find sometimes the time and energy to focus upon self-growth.  I know the value for I went through it myself 27 years ago, and now wish to share how it changed my life forever.  I want to have you experience the freedom and joy that comes from living a life that flows from a healthier subconscious mind instead of the old, negative, resistive subconscious programming that was created in the past. 


The truth is, no one is perfect, but that's okay.  Because life becomes amazing as the resistive mind loses power and control over what you choose to say and do.  Each day is a journey of self discovery and nature becomes your teacher, your guide, and the connection deepens in a way you have to experience for yourself.

I want you to see the value of this form of self-empowerment and test for yourself if my process is a good fit for you.  Direct experience with the Presence that surrounds you will change your life forever. 







Time to get started.

You can do this.

Now just $27

Click the link below...

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